Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vegan MoFo is Over: Vegan Junk Food

This is it, Vegan MoFo is over. Last night I was craving some Vegan junk food. A fellow vegan friend has been talking about Tofurkey pizza and I just wanted something that would satisfy my craving for cheeziness. I didn't want to get a whole pizza because, well that's a little much and plus I wanted some other bad snacks like chips and Halloween candy. Yah, I went over board.

YUM!! All my ingredients to make my junk food. Its actually not that bad considering I got the vegan, gluten and soy free Penne and Chreese. I also have soy free earth balance and used lots of veggies in it also. 

Looks kinda like hamburger helper sans hamburger. Lol. Got some broccoli, onions and roasted delicata squash in my junk food. Maybe its not all that junky...? THe ingredient list on the mac and chreese is actually pretty small. And I think it was no msg too. BONUS!

NOW that my junk food craving is gone. Its back to health. I have a new challenge that I'm starting. Sorta today but since I had leftover mac and chreese I kinda had to half ass it today. But don't fret, It starts in full force tomorrow. I'll do a separate post for it so you know what it is and if you wanna join in, DO IT!

So, in regards to my junk food. To make it less guilt inducing I added broccoli, onion, roasted delicata squash, jalapeno and low fat almond breeze milk. The seasonings I added were chili flakes, garlic powder and 1/4 tsp sea salt. Not bad at all.

Peace MoFo's. That's my last MoFo for the year.

That being said, Happy World Vegan Day!!!! Its the 67th Birthday of the term vegan. YAHHHH!



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