Tuesday, November 15, 2011

30 Day Health Challenge update

Well, as you can imagine, doing a health challenge in Vegas, is well, challenging. Being the vegan gal that I am, it was to bad, but def not what I had wanted. I indulged a little in foods I wouldn't normally eat. And I did have to eat bread but that's cuz I was drinking and we all know what happens when you don't eat enough when out drinking. 

That all being said, I'm back on track here. I started this morning off with a green smoothie cleanse. Today is a test day, seeing what I can handle. If you know me at all, I love to eat. What I wanted to do is a green smoothie cleanse for 3 days. That's only consuming green smoothies for 3 days straight......not likely. Lol. SO my back up plan is one of 2 options: Option 1: Replace 2 meals a day with green smoothies and eat one cooked meal a day  for 7 days OR Option 2: Eat a raw food diet for 7 days. This doesn't count nuts, seeds, or any oils of any kind and no avocado.

Now that its lunch time, and I'm dying, almost literally. I'm a food fanatic. I'm not sure how people can starve themselves, honestly. Its effin hard. I'm drinking my meals right now and I'm disoriented and down right irritable. Its only been like 5.5 hours. HAHA SOOOO that shows me a bit about what I can handle. So I've decided to modify it a bit. 

Breaky: Hot lemon water, obvs lots of water and one 16ish ounce green smoothie
"Snack": green tea (wahoo!)
Lunch: 20 ounce green smoothie and salad (no dressing, might squeeze a lemon on it)
Snack: Apple
Dinner: BIG ass salad
Snack: 16 ounce Green smoothie

So far I've done breaky, "snack" and lunch minus the salad, haven't eaten it yet. 

Cleanses are controversial. I'm all for them. I've always done the Wild Rose Cleanse but this time I'm making up my own. Doing juice or smoothie cleanses, or any cleanse really is good to release toxins from the body, clean out your system and colon. Its good if you have really bad habits and wanna jump start a healthy eating pattern. But they are hard. Wild Rose is good because you can eat a lot, but nothing is processed in any way, so no soy sauce, no flours, no prepared dressings or sauces of any kind. You have to make everything from scratch. Chili was my savior when I did that one. 

Now they don't look good or green but that's because I use mixed berries that mess with the green colour. They are actually quite tasty. But VERY vegerific. 

I made veggie juice the night before which consisted of carrots, kale, a pear and cucumber (I think that's it) and then blended that with lime juice, mixed berries, banana, apple, spinach and 2 tsp's a spirulina powder. 

For most sedentary people a cleanse works great because they don't do much physical activity. But me, well I work out a lot. Luckily I did a pretty hefty weight workout last night so tonight I have to go ahead to just do cardio. I'm hoping to bust out an hour like usge but we'll see how my energy level plays out. Go me!

The first 3 days of any change like this is always the toughest. If anyone has quit coffee or cigs then you know what I'm talking about. The detox and cravings are hard to handle. I hope I make it through this day. I apologize in advance if I snap at anyone. LOL for reals.

I've always been so fascinated by a raw foods diet, so I hope I can at least do 2 days raw, even 1 day would be great, 3 would be phe-nom. 7 is not gonna happen but I can do the last 4 days with 1 cooked meal a day or however I modify it. 

Good luck me! Join me if you dare! If you're trying to lose weight, this will def do it! Even just replacing the 2 meals a day with green smoothies will do it.




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