Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Restaurant Review: Heirloom Vegetarian

I love that there have been so many new Vegetarian restaurants opening up in this gorgeous city called Vancouver. Dining out is so fun and trying new restaurants is funner! Yah, that's not a word but you see what I was doing there right? :) I don't go to just fully vegan or vegetarian spots. I find it easy to eat out. Many people think it's hard to dine out if you're vegan or vegetarian but in fact it's not. I've never been to a restaurant that wouldn't modify a salad or veggie dish for me. Another cool way to make an awesome meal is to put together a bunch of their sides! But this post is not about how to be vegan and dine out....its about Heirloom Vegetarian restaurant. I almost can't choose what to eat when I dine at veggie spots. SO many choices!

Heirloom is located on West 12th at Granville. Very close to Broadway and Granville. It's in a great location. It's huge, white and modernly outfitted. I dig the space, felt extremely welcomed, pampered and satisfied. The staff were amazing; even the guy filling our waters was out of this world! He complimented my friend Danica and I which if you've ever met me, flattery will get you everywhere with me. Ha.

My friends Olive and Jake had already had the pleasure of dining at Heirloom and gave me some tips on items to get. Their must have dish was the yams. In fact they said they were the best yams they have ever had! Wow. That's a bold statement if I do say so myself. So, check out our experience:



Handpicked greens
Fennel, ginger poached pear, roasted brussel sprouts, hazelnuts and an orange blossom vinaigrette. This was fantastic! not your average salad. Really, really love fruit in salad and especially a poached pear!

Wild and Foraged Mushrooms
Coconut cream, fennel, garlic, dry cider, shiso and walnut onion baguette. This was honestly my fave dish of the night. Omg it was so tasty! The flavour was unreal. I could just roll around in it. But I won't...cuz that would be weird. Lol. 
Coconut butter, hemp hearts and cashew greens dip. This was my 2nd fave dish. It was quite substantial. You get 2 yams here! Love that! That cashew green dip should be sold separately. If they had a container and would sell it to me I would have bought it for sure! It was so rich and creamy. Amazing! I also dig that they used hemp hearts. Hemp hearts are a nutritional power house and should be worshiped.

All in all I give this place my seal of approval. It would satisfy anyone; meat eater or vegetarian it will impress you and fill you up. I was actually uncomfortably full because I didn't want to waste one ounce! I can't wait to go back and try more items. Try all dishes on the menu...challenge accepted.

OOoohhh yah, they also have a communal table. Those are so hot right now.

Check them out!

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  1. The food looks delicious! We'll have to try it next time we come up to Vancouver. Cheers!

  2. I think I'm going to have to check this place out. I've only been to Acorn & Tera V Burger. Both yummy restaurants for vegans/vegetarians. :)