Friday, February 10, 2012

The Skinny on Fats and Carbs - Organic Lives Workshop Recap

Last night Kevin and I went to a health workshop at Organic Lives. The workshop topics covered nutrition information about carbohydrates, fats, weight loss/gain, lifestyle and general introduction to healthy living.  We didn't actually touch on weight loss/gain at all and I don't think anyone was there for that reason. I was fascinated by the speaker which is Preet Marwaha, the owner and vision behind Organic Lives. He's pretty inspirational. I took some notes of course (I even sat in the first seat, right at the front. LOL And maintained some fierce eye contact. HA. 

Here are a few things that I took away from this talk:
  • Drink water. Eat water. Just get enough water in your system. The water contained in fruits and veggies counts. Drink filtered, ph balanced water. Not just tap water. It has chlorine in it and isn't ph balanced.
  • Carbs, fats and amino acids are the only 3 sources of calories. Nutrients such as vitamins and minerals are provided by these calories and what we get from our food. 
  • There is no animal that CREATES nutrients. They get the nutrients the same way we do, by eating plants. If they themselves are not plant eaters, then they eat plant eaters. Its that simple. 
  • The animals we do eat now don't eat the diet they are supposed to, they eat corn. Then they are artificially injected with vitamins such as B12
  • There have been numerous studies conducted that took the milk from the grocery store and fed it to baby calves. They all died. What does that tell you? This milk you drink is supposed to grow a 1000 pound animal not a 150 pound person. All other species are weaned off breast milk, so should we. Its unnatural and weird. There is no other species in the world that drinks another species bodily fluids. 
  • 60-80% of the calories in animal products and nuts/seeds come from fat. Not protein. That is all marketing. 
  • Skim milk is just milk with water. The calories are still from fat. Marketing again people.
  • Protein is a set of ALL the amino acids. There isn't a food on the planet that doesn't have amino acids. Therefore, if you eat food, you will get amino acids. Eat enough variety and you will have COMPLETE set of amino acids which means PROTEIN! 
  • Cucumber and celery combined make up an entire set of amino acids. COOL!!!
  • When we take in a complete protein source, our body will dismantle it and use it however it needs at the moment. 
  • Every amino acid is essential. We need them all. But the ones labelled as essential are just the ones we can't produce. 
  • Celery contains 18 amino acids and has the same sodium balance as your body. Combine celery and cucumber, YAH!
  • There is no medical term for protein deficiency. It doesn't exist. Protein deficiency only occurs when you're dead or starving. (not hungry, I mean actual starvation).
  • If you eat too much protein your body need to get rid of them and they are acids, so your body will need to alkalize itself so it takes calcium and magnesium from your bones to balance the ph. This is the theory behind why milk is the cause not the solution to osteoporosis. 
  •  North America has one of  the highest rate of osteoporosis and we also consume the most dairy
  • About 10% of your calories should come from amino acids
  • Diabetes is not a disease. Its a stress condition. If you take the right steps in your diet and exercise you can reverse it in 30 days. Type 1 could take up to 90 days. 
  • Never cook fats. All fats. It denatures it. Denatured fats create free radicals in your body. Your body has no idea what to do with these. These free radicals can cause cancer and age you very fast.
  • Use green stevia as a sweetener not the white one. The white one is processed a lot.
  • A good recovery drink/foods after a long run/workout is coconut water, wheat grass and a piece of fruit. It will help you repair and recover
  • Unsaturated fats have open links. When you eat them your body fills in the links to make it saturated. When you consume saturated fats, the links are filled in and your body can't saturate them with what it needs.
And the last message he said is "Don't worry about protein and eat less fats".

That's the jist of what I got out of the talk. I loved it!!! I was at full attention. Writing notes into my phone. (I forgot a notepad!!!) I also was totally nerdy asking lots of questions. Lol Love it. 

Side bar, he made us go around the room and say what we ate for the day. Me being nerdy and right at the front he started with me. After he heard what I ate, he was taken aback and joked that I should come to all his classes and be a model for what to eat. YES!! That is some extreme validation for me. Not that I ever doubted that the way I eat is healthy and optimal but to hear it from someone like that is amazing. He really likes that I don't cook with oil or fats and that I don't eat wheat/gluten. (which is a new thing). I am reinvigorated and feel great about my lifestyle. And I also know that pursuing my interest in health is something I have a huge passion for and I need to make it happen. Taking this free workshop is just the start. I can't wait for the next one!

Thanks PreetPreet said, you wouldn't fill up a formula one racecar at the local Shell gas station so why would you fill your body up at the same place. 

Eat real food. Eat clean. Eat lean. 





  1. green stevia...... exsplain more? This is great!!!

    1. Stevia is a no calorie, no carb, natural sweetener made from a plant. It doesn't raise blood sugars, so it can be used by diabetics. It has a distinct flavour but I like it. Obvs cuz its got no carbs or sugar in it, if you're trying to lose weight and you've got a sweet tooth, this is a great substitute. And its natural so much better than aspartame and such. :) BUT get the green one, its less processed than the white one.

  2. LOVE this post & am sharing it!!!
    Great info about the celery & cucumber ~ I didn't know that, SO COOL!!!!
    I so agree with all of these points! Can't say enough (is it weird that I'm watching forks over knives while reading this?)
    I yell out profanities every time I see a commercial about osteoporosis and milk, it makes me sad & mad at the same time. grrrrrr
    also love the diabetes point, so so true. In fact, with the proper diet (which is animal less) you can reverse nearly any dis~ease, you just need time & patience (& the right information!!!)
    I could go on forever. But you've inspired me to get more posts up (
    thx again, Krystle...

    1. Yes!!! So happy that you liked it Tamara!!! I had such a great time at the talk. The whole dairy and osteoporosis is a subject I usually stay clear of because of the major misconception that it helps prevent it. Its just crazy how much we have been guided to believe that animal products are optimal for our bodies, especially in such high doses. I'm vegan so obvs I value a vegan diet, but its not for everyone. If I could choose one thing to eliminate from ppl's diet it would be dairy. THe world would be a MUCH healthier place. :) Share share share! I'm gonna check out your site too!

  3. you lost all credibility when you said

    "Diabetes is not a disease. Its a stress condition. If you take the right steps in your diet and exercise you can reverse it in 30 days. Type 1 could take up to 90 days."

    1. That is your opinion Mike. And clearly you did not read my post thoroughly otherwise you would have seen that I did not say that, Preet from Organic Lives did. As such, the post is called "the skinny on fats and carbs, Organic lives workshop recap". Preet has seen it done and helped his clients reverse the "disease" himself. If you have it yourself, switch to a whole foods diet low in processed foods such as bread and pasta and you'll see for yourself. Whether you're vegan or not. It WILL help you.

    2. Mike, you lost all credibility. Watch "forks over knives" and "fat, sick and nearly dead" and even "sugar, the bitter truth". There are many examples in these documentaries that show people over coming type I and type II diabetes with the right choice of foods.

      Even, mainstream tv shows like the "biggest loser" have shown that diabetes is a lifestyle disease and can be eliminated with diet and excercise.
      Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.

    3. While a good diet can help with type 1 diabetes, it cannot be reversed. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease where the body's own cells destroy the insulin producing cells.

      Type 2 diabetes, on the other hand, is different from type 1 and it can probably be reversed with a good diet.

    4. agreed, and i'm pretty sure we were talking about type 2. :)

  4. i think these are all great points!! thanks for sharing ^_^
    has anyone seen the simply raw doc (reversing diabetes in 30 days)?
    dr. gabriel cousens is so inspiring.
    i've also been super inspired by andreas moritz lately and just finished his book "cancer is not a disease". i definitely believe that the body wants to heal and just needs the chance to. and given that we control what we put into and onto our body, why not use the best and most natural, edible fuels/tools and live as happy and healthy as possible?
    i wish that more people would give their diet and lifestyle a tweak before going for such drastic and toxic measures in effort to eliminate symptoms rather than illnesses...

    1. i've never seen that!!! I'm def gonna watch it. THank you so much for sharing. It seems we have many of the same views on health and wellness. AWESOME!!! take control of ur health in the easiest way possible. :)