Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Restaurant review: Organic Lives

SOoooo I went back to Organic Lives last night with Jason. He has never had raw vegan food before so I thought since we were sorta in the area we should stop by and give it a shot. The girl there even recognized me from Thursday night. Thankfully didn't mention I was there with a different guy, hahaha. ;)

We started off with the Tapas Platter which I think is a good way to sample many of their items and good for a newbie to raw foods. I didn't take a pic as I already have that one. Jason was a little bit dazzled by the menu so I gave him my advice on what he should order and what I've tried before he made his decision. And obvs we would share. :)
Aloo Tikki

Pasta Primavera

The Aloo Tikki was served with 2 chutney's and a side of cucumber and tomato salad. It looked unappealing as it was just in a burger pattie form. They could shape them a bit nicer. BUT that being said the flavor was obvs delish. It is quite filling and if I'd eaten the whole dish myself I would have been STUFFED.

The Pasta Primavera is made with zucchini noodles. It had a TON of veggies and served with a nice tossed salad. The flavor of the dish was pretty amazing. It was my first time having raw pasta. So the temperature was something to get used to because usually tomato dishes like that are served hot. But I loved it. I love the zucchini noodles fo sho and am def gonna get the spirlina thing to make them. 

All in all, another wonderful experience eating at Organic Lives. It was good to spread the word on vegan food and raw food. Even though I'm not a raw foodist, I def believe eating a diet high in raw foods will do your body good. 

We def felt great after eating, no food babies or food coma's. I was completely full after and didn't need a snack. And as far as I could tell, neither did Jason. SUCCESS. Maybe next is Gorilla Food?

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