Monday, November 28, 2011

Vegan Junk Food: Tofurkey Pizza

I was terribly bad this weekend. I ate the ish outta it in fact. lol It all started with that American Thanksgiving Potluck. It gave me a taste for bread. I almost never eat bread or pasta but when I do I go crazy for it. Hopefully now that its Monday I've got it out of my system and can get back to my usual foods. But before I do that, let me share some good vegan junk food that I had last night. 

I picked up a Tofukey Pizza from Choices. It was a Italian Sausage and fire roasted veggies. SO good! I love Tofurkey Pizza! I love Tofurkey! lol 

Mmmmmmm, topped that with my new Valentia hot sauce and BOOM!

Now back to healthy eats. Check out what I made for a smoothie this morning....very vegerific!

In there is a banana, pear, 1 cup mixed berries, handful of spinach, spirlina, hemp and chia seeds, a whole lime and water. 

It was my friend Mikey's birthday this weekend so I went to join him and his friends for the festivities. It was so great to meet his buddies, they were quite nice. One baked him a smorgasbord of goodies. Like crazy. She was up until like 4am baking. Wow, so nice!


Gorgeous. :)

I have a GREAT dip for you tomorrow. Just gotta take a pic of it first. It is SO delish. AND I'm making a big crockpot full of refried beans too! Can't wait to share that recipe with you. Its so easy!




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