Sunday, November 13, 2011

Restaurant Review: Nuba

I also went to Nuba before Vegas as well. I know I know, eating out so much is not usually how I roll. BUT I love eating!

I've been to Nuba a number of times and I LOVE it! Its got a great atmosphere and GREAT food. Its a good place to take anyone expecially if there's vegans in your party and nonvegans too because everyone can eat without being stuck with a subpar option. Vegans/vegetarians usually have to settle for salad or pasta. Not cool.

Nuba is a Lebanese restaurant in Gastown. They have other locations but they are smaller cafe type places. My friend Jason and I decided to get the La Feast. It has a little of everything. I suggest this or getting a couple of Mezze in case someone isn't cool with eating veggie but it didn't bother Jason.

It was more than enough food for two. We were quite full.

La Feast also starts with hummus, baba ghanooj and whole wheat pita. The hummus is pretty much to die for. Its hard for me to choose a fave item in La Feast. The falafel is one of the best I've ever had, the cauliflower is a majah contender for first place but the lentil dish is a solid one too. Even though I dislike eggplant, the stew is amazing too. And served with brown rice. Hmmmm.....

Nuba never fails. Try it!

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