Friday, November 18, 2011

Restaurant Review: Organic Lives

Steve and I went to Organic Lives last night. Its my 2nd or 3rd time eating there and always thought that I didn't like it THAT much. I am partial to Gorilla Food. BUT this time I fell in love. That place is so damn good!

Tapas Platter
Nut cheeses, veggie crackers, sesame cracker, stuffed mushrooms, tapenade and zucchini hummus served with cucumber and watermelon radishes (so pretty and SO tasty).

Pad Thai
With kelp noodles (Phe-nom) and veggies with a savory dressing and nuts.

Masala Dosa
With a veggie pate inside wrapped with something veggie, can't remember and this item isn't on their online menu. Its changed I guess. Served with a coconut chutney and a raisin chutney. AMAZING!

Spicy Masala Soup

This came with Steve's Masala Dosa. I was surprised by the spiciness of the soup and dosa. I love how Organic Lives has spicy food. Gorilla Food doesn't. I LOVE spicy food! I like it HOT!

French Macaroon

A raw dessert sweetened with maple syrup. It was so amazing. I could not believe how much this changed my life. LOL Steve also got a chocolate macaroon but we were too busy taking pics of my reaction when I ate it to take a lone pic. HA

It was seriously so wonderful. Both desserts. I took a HUGE breath in. OMG I just love chocolate. AND organic raw chocolate with no processed sugar or anything is pretty much where its at. I've tried other raw desserts before and never cared for them but these macaroons are SOOOOOOOOOOO good.

It was Steve's first time there, but he's been to Gorilla Food a bunch of times. That's our usge spot. So it was cool to hear what he thought of this place. My opinion obviously changed And he really loved it all too.

Check it out! Raw vegan food is pretty amazing, you feel so energized after. 

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