Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Big Salad

People often ask me what I eat. I guess cause I'm vegan they think I just live off salads. Well as you can see from my blog, I def don't live off salad. That being said, I love salad. And I try to eat a big one as often as I can. My new eating plan is to have a BIG green smoothie for breaky and a big salad for lunch along with a cup of soup or chili. I make big amounts of soup in my crockpot so that I always have something that I made for lunch without as much daily effort. I make a big batch and freeze them in individual tupperware containers.

Smoothies and big salads are great ways to take advantage of raw nutrition. Nothing is heated and therefore contains all the nutrients in tact and all the enzymes. Eating more raw foods makes me feel good so I figure I should eat as much as I can. Not all raw but whatever feels right. 

I made some Tahini Dressing this week for my salads but usually I'll have nothing, fresh lemon or salsa on top. I love salsa. Its so good on salad. Try it. 

This salad has spinach, kale, sui choy (napa cabbage), broccoli, carrots, cucumber and mandarin oranges. And topped with the dressing and hemp seeds. I usually chop and make enough salad for 2 or 3 days. Makes it easier to do the right thing when its readily available. 

I thought I'd share a couple pics of this wonderful red wine chocolate cake that a coworker brought into the office. This girl is the best baker I've ever known. Her baked goods are so professional looking its almost unfair. LOL plus the taste Phe-nom. Now this cake is not vegan so I cud not taste it but I hear its awesome. I really want to try a red wine chocolate cake. Sounds right up my alley. Red wine and chocolate are 2 of my favorite things. For reals. Take note if you wanna buy me a gift. HAHA

Red wine chocolate Cake

It was apparently light and fluffy. YUM! Jealous. 

Get your raw veggie on. And eat some chocolate too. :)




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