Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Portland Eats

At the beginning of August I had the great pleasure of traveling to Portland, Oregon. Unfortunately I had a bit of a serious accident and basically only got 2 half days there. Ugh. Life can be crazy sometimes. Oh well. I just have to go back and explore some more! I did get to dine at a couple of spots. Only 2 from my list of like 15.....lol.

I stopped off along the way to meet a friend, and we went to this cool Asian Bistro. It was all Asian flavours and offered food for every diet. It was yummy! I think it was in Everett or right by there anyways. Check out Terracotta Red.

Lohan Delight

Mark Spencer, Portland
The Mark Spencer in downtown Portland was recommended to me and it was great! The room was clean and modern. AND they offered a continental breakfast, a wine hour and a snack time too! LOL If it hadn't been Pride weekend 2 days before I'd be all over the wine time but alas, I could not go anywhere near it. Ha.

 In Vancouver, BC we had a Loving Hut but it burned down. We do have the Loving Hut food truck which is amazeballs. But I was super stoked to get to try the actual restaurant. I had checked out their menu beforehand, obvs, and was VERY excited. It's an Asian themed restaurant that is completely vegan.

Spring Rolls

Spicy Cha Cha

My plate

Done and done.
They gave me free veggie jerky!!!

Crazy line up at Voodoo Donuts
It was totally worth it though. I looked at the menu and they had a vegan cock and balls so obviously I had to get that. LOL It was cream filled too.
Yum! It was actually too big for me to handle. Lol The jokes were endless. The gift that keeps on giving.

The next day and last meal I had in Portland was at Veggie Grill. This was a cool fast food kinda spot  that you could sub the bun for a tortilla or bed of steamed kale and choose a side. I got the kale and a side of vegan mac and cheese. All in all this place was pretty good but not amazing,

This is my friend Kevin's meal. Can't remember what it is but its a veggie burger with a side of chili.

There you have it! That's all I got to experience in Portland unfortunately because I spent the rest of the time in the hospital. Ugh. Oh well, now I just have to make another trip down there. No biggie. :)




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