Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Restaurant review: Panz Veggie

I went to Panz Veggie again. I love this place. They are starting to know me there. And my dad. My dad is by no means vegetarian nor vegan. He's really far from it but loves food nonetheless. Panz Veggie is his favorite veggie restaurant that I've taken him too so I always suggest it.

Deep fried wontons

Chinese mushrooms and bamboo shoots

Shanghai noodles with veggies and fungus

Tofu sheets with greens (spinach)
Everything was to die for as usual. I can not get enough of this place. If you haven't been to Panz Veggie you really should go, and take me. I'm always down to go. lol Its at 1355 Hornby Street downtown Vancouver.

Check it out!

Panz Veggie Restaurant 善慈素餐廳 on Urbanspoon




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