Sunday, November 13, 2011

Restaurant Review: Bao Qi

Sorry for the delay folks but I've been having technical difficulties with my Internet and then I went to VEGAS!! My bestie Leanne got married down there so a bunch of us went down for the stagette and wedding. It was amazing!

Before I left, I tried out a couple of restaurants in town that I wanted to write about. I love Vietnamese food. And I do not eat it enough. I have heard of this restaurant BaoQi Eatery on Davie Street before from my friends at the Vegan Project but I had not tried it until now.

I have to say, they were right. It was delish!

I got the 2 vegan items: the vegan sub and vegan roll.

Sorry, but I was SO hungry I couldn't wait for the pic. This was the Autumn roll with peanut sauce. Its vegan and amazing. After that I had the vegan sub:

Now normally I would never have white bread but if you're going to eat a Vietnamese sub then you just have to do it, unless you make ur own (which I've done). This is with lemongrass tofu, pickles daikon and carrots, cilantro, cucumber, jalapeno and an avocado aoili.

All the recipes here are family recipes. They are amazing, try it!!!

Now this is my friends Jimmy's entree. Its not vegan but they do have a veggie option which I'm so getting next time! It smelled amazing. Its some peanut beef rice noodley dish. YUM!! Jimmy said it was goooood.

Then we went to a movie. LOL I'm so cool.

Hahaha, okk that's one restaurant review for now. Got others. Well I've got a lot to update on so I'll be back!

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  1. are you sure the sub was vegan? Because when I went there although it says on the menu that its vegan there was MAYO in the sub.....