Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Restaurant Review: Cactus Club at English Bay

I'm not a big fan of Cactus Club to be honest. The food is average at best and well I'm a woman so its not my first choice to go to a restaurant with hot lady servers. lol That being said, its a good place for drinks and its always bumping cuz what guy doesn't want to hot lady servers. ;)

Cactus did open up a new location in my hood, English Bay. Not just in my hood, but right in the Bay, on the water. AMAZING view, obvs so I had to check it out eventually. My long time child hood girlfriend took me out for birthday drinks and eats on Saturday. I have the never ending birthday. Its awesome! It was a total surprise and I think that's what also made it even more special. 

Cactus has some summer drinks on special, one which is quite delish. I'm wine, vodka soda or the occasional beer drinker. I almost never have sweet cocktails or sugary drinks. BUT I could not resist the Sunset Soda which is a vodka soda with a splash of bellini!!! YUM! Perfect for the hot summer day we were having. 

Sunset Soda
We decided to share a couple items. Nicole isn't vegan or vegetarian but eats uber healthy like me and is wheat and gluten free. So it works out pretty well actually when we eat together.

Szechuan green beans
They were tasty and delish! Could be spicier but no biggie. 

I can't remember what this was called and for some reason I can't get onto cactus's menu. Weird. But is a salmon bowl with veggies.

We shared this dish and they were so awesome and split it up into 2 bowls. This dish was fresh, savoury and tasty. It had some of my fave veggies: broccoli, snap peas, daikon and edamame. We subbed the salmon for portobello mushrooms. The only part I didn't like was that their hot sauce was Frank's Red Hot. Although its tasty, its far too salty and its flavour is overpowering and changes the way your food tastes. But of course I love hot sauce and still used it. lol 

SOOOOO, I have to say I was pretty impressed with Cactus. Probs the best meal I've ever had there. The view, drinks and sunny Saturday might have played a part in it, but I'd def go back. Although, the line up for the patio was crazy, we were super lucky to get a spot right away with no line up. No big deal. :)

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