Thursday, September 27, 2012

Summer recap

I had some fun last few weeks of Summer. Lots of friends, food and good times. Sad it's officially over but it will always be in my heart, lol. Here's some snap shots of the last bit of Summer:

Mongrillian - Duncan

Keith's, kale salad and a hammock

Vegan Banh Mi from Whole Foods

Veggie burger on Wreck Beach

Toppings galore!

Family supper

Sol Cuisine burger with peach salsa

Gorgeous birthday cake


Birthday boy, Eduardo
There you have it! Fun times. More to be had, just now I'll be wearing a scarf. lol. I'm actually really excited to cook some Fall food. I baked an avocado the other day and I'm feeling like it might be a new fave! Stay tuned for some reviews. I checked out Acorn recently.




Thursday, September 20, 2012

Restaurant Review: Yolks Breakfast

When I heard the buzz that a breakfast food truck was going to be opening in Vancouver I was seriously excited. I looked at some pics and saw the beautifully shot pictures of some items from their menu and was seriously impressed. Even though it was all meat and eggs, it looked spectacular.  

I found out about the opening of Yolks Breakfast 3 days late, but immediately sent all my coworkers an email demanding that they go try it and tell me all about it.....then I found their website and menu. They have a veggie option!!! Of course that means I def have to try it.

My friend Laura and I jetted over to their spot at Beatty and Dunsmuir for breaky one weekday.  

Located at Beatty and Dunsmuir, Stadium Skytrain Station

Croque Madame Muffin

Croque Madame Muffin
My friend Laura got the croque madame muffin which has a poached egg and hollandaise sauce. Visually it is stunning. It's a compostable container but the plating is amazing. I've been told they are quite delicious. A few friends have had them and enjoyed themselves. A couple say they weren't blown away....can't please em all. ;)

Tempura-panko Avocado Tacos w/ Hash Brown Skewer

Tempura-panko avocado tacos

Nom nom nom
I really enjoyed these tacos. Its a cool idea for a food truck and we don't have any others in Vancouver so good on them! But I wouldn't say its perfection. I thought the tacos were good but basically its just deep fried avocado. Lots of fat but not a lot of substance. It need something else in it.

I was happy that I decided to get the hash browns. Anything with truffle oil must be ordered. I LOVE truffle oil; was super happy to see that on the menu. :) The hash browns were perfectly cooked, and obviously a good quality potato, but they were nothing special. I thought there would be more truffle oil but I didn't taste it. Maybe they forgot it or something. But I was disappointed.

I do want to clarify that I did enjoy it. I thought they were pretty good and I was satisfied but it could be better. I will def go back and try them again or take peeps there to spread the love. It's a cool concept!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Restaurant Review: Nelson the Seagull

There are a numbers of gems in Gastown in terms of awesome food and I do not have enough experience with them yet. I met my uncle for lunch in Gastown a couple weeks ago and tried out Nelson the Seagull for the first time. It's a bread and coffee shop. Sounds weird I know but weird is the best. Bread is delicious. I don't eat it a lot but the bread used in a sandwich can make or break it. This place has some of the best bread I've ever had. Hands down.

My uncle and I both got the veggie sandwich with a side of butternut squash soup. The pesto and soup are made sans dairy so yah for me! They are located at 315 Carrall Street. Do it.

The veggie

Of course I did not eat the butter, but wow. Look at how amazing that looks? There was homemade pesto, hummus, cucumber, tomato, artichoke and made on the best bread ever! I actually ate the bread that was on the side for the soup. This bread was so light and fluffy and delish that I could have rubbed it all over my body. HA......,That wasn't a joke.

They also do avocado on toast in the morning and a baked grapefruit that is to die for. Haven't been lucky enough to try it yet but that's the word on the street. Go check them out!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Restaurant Review: Bandidas Taqueria

My friend Dave was in town recently and I like to take him to a new spot every time. Well I try that is. He's always drooling over my reviews and food pics. Rightly so cuz they are drool worthy and he lives in Victoria so yah. Lol

We only had time to go for brunch so we went to my fave brunch spot....Bandidas Taqueria. Which by the way is apparently vegetarian. LOL I had no idea. I thought it was just progressive. You can make any breakfast vegan by subbing the eggs for a butternut squash-tofu mixture which is to die for. I love squash! Its the ingredient I look forward to in the fall/winter. :)

When I have so many options like I do here, I like to try something different every time. Even when I have a fave. This time I tried the other breakfast burrito. It had potatoes inside. And when I'm hung over all I want is potatoes and diet coke. Weird I know. And unlike me cuz in regular life I barely ever eat regular potatoes and never drink pop. But hey, that's what I want. 

Morgan Taylor, baked

Gooey, saucy insides
Becky's Omelette
The Morgan Taylor was baked and had this yummy sauce all around. The potatoes, squash, tofu and yumminess made it perfect hangover food. If I could actually stomach eating. I couldn't. I actually only ate 3 bites, packed it up and ate it later. In bed. Lol. I'm the worst. I told the server that I was sorry and that I liked it but was just hungover badly. Anyone could understand that right? 

Dave had Becky's omelette. He said it was really good. But he was in the same boat as me. Well slightly better cuz he ate way more. But I'm pretty sure we didn't say more the 5 words to each other. Which was fine by both of us. Sometimes there is no need for conversation. You just get each other. HAHA

I REALLY enjoyed the Morgan Taylor. It was saucy goodness. Can't wait to try it on a less painful day.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Restaurant Review: Meat & Bread

I never had the desire to go to Meat & Bread because....well the name. Its meat and bread. 1 thing I never eat and another I try not to eat very often. BUT I recently had the opportunity through work to try the veggie special! They do a vegetarian special every week. That's pretty cool for a restaurant that's named like this one is. lol That being said, they would be silly not to have a veggie special, especially in Vancouver. We pretty much have every diet imaginable in this city. Ha.\

I've only had one of them. The other ones we've tried had cheese in them. I am vegan. But I am not crazy finicky. I won't eat meat but if something has eggs or fish sauce.....once in a blue moon I'll give it a go if I REALLY want to taste it. I'm cool with that. And if people don't want to call me vegan, that's cool too. Food, like life, is a journey. Just have fun, eat nutritiously and listen to your body. :)

Anyways, back to this cool sammy I ate. 

The sandwich I tried was the tofu mushroom veggie patty with daikon, carrots and wasabi mayo. It was so yummy! It was warm, the bread was SO light, fluffy and soft. Pretty close to bread perfection if you ask me. For me, I thought it was saucy enough, flavourful and the patty stayed in tact, which can be rare. But I heard from one person that it was a little dry. Can't please em all I guess. lol

Whether you're veggie or not, you got options at Meat & Bread so go check em out! There's a bit of a line I hear. Maybe go a little after lunch time.....

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Portland Eats

At the beginning of August I had the great pleasure of traveling to Portland, Oregon. Unfortunately I had a bit of a serious accident and basically only got 2 half days there. Ugh. Life can be crazy sometimes. Oh well. I just have to go back and explore some more! I did get to dine at a couple of spots. Only 2 from my list of like

I stopped off along the way to meet a friend, and we went to this cool Asian Bistro. It was all Asian flavours and offered food for every diet. It was yummy! I think it was in Everett or right by there anyways. Check out Terracotta Red.

Lohan Delight

Mark Spencer, Portland
The Mark Spencer in downtown Portland was recommended to me and it was great! The room was clean and modern. AND they offered a continental breakfast, a wine hour and a snack time too! LOL If it hadn't been Pride weekend 2 days before I'd be all over the wine time but alas, I could not go anywhere near it. Ha.

 In Vancouver, BC we had a Loving Hut but it burned down. We do have the Loving Hut food truck which is amazeballs. But I was super stoked to get to try the actual restaurant. I had checked out their menu beforehand, obvs, and was VERY excited. It's an Asian themed restaurant that is completely vegan.

Spring Rolls

Spicy Cha Cha

My plate

Done and done.
They gave me free veggie jerky!!!

Crazy line up at Voodoo Donuts
It was totally worth it though. I looked at the menu and they had a vegan cock and balls so obviously I had to get that. LOL It was cream filled too.
Yum! It was actually too big for me to handle. Lol The jokes were endless. The gift that keeps on giving.

The next day and last meal I had in Portland was at Veggie Grill. This was a cool fast food kinda spot  that you could sub the bun for a tortilla or bed of steamed kale and choose a side. I got the kale and a side of vegan mac and cheese. All in all this place was pretty good but not amazing,

This is my friend Kevin's meal. Can't remember what it is but its a veggie burger with a side of chili.

There you have it! That's all I got to experience in Portland unfortunately because I spent the rest of the time in the hospital. Ugh. Oh well, now I just have to make another trip down there. No biggie. :)