Saturday, November 5, 2011

Restaurant Review: Sushi Bella

After watching the debut of my friend Nikki's collection at Vancouver Fashion Week on Thursday, I went out to Sushi Bella with a couple of friends. I don't dine out on West 4th very often, I guess cause I'm sans car.....BUT I love trying new restaurants. Even if they are just another Vancouver sushi restaurant.

This place actually surprised me. I didn't get my usual: Veggie combo. I got a specialty roll and agedashi tofu. Now this wasn't your typical agedashi tofu, it was a trio:

Trio Agedashi Tofu

Three kinds of flavors on deep fried tofu: mango salsa, traditional, chili spice

That is bonito on top, which I scraped off. I forgot to ask about that, Woops. Bad vegan, Bad! These were absolutely delish!!! I really loved the mango one. It had such a unique flavour and was totally non-traditional. LOVE that. And the chili one was awesome, I love spicy food, even thought this could have used a dousing of Sriracha. lol And the traditional one was perfection. Nuff said. 

Soy Bean Paper Roll

Asparagus, oshinko, bed beets, yam, avocado, cucumber, spinach, shitake

Mind you they did forget the oshinko (yellow pickle) which was slightly disappointing because I love it, but not really a big deal. I have lots at home. I really liked how the roll didn't have a ton of rice. I've been on a health challenge, so I'm not really eating white rice right now, but This was so little I let it slide. Lol I liked how they used the soy bean rice paper instead of seaweed, and they jammed this roll full of tons of ingredients. So tasty!!

My friends food looked quite delicious too. The presentation is very beautiful at Sushi Bella. Plating does a lot for a dish, makes it inviting.

Obviously I did not have any of this, but I thought it looked nice. And I liked how they used beets thinly sliced instead of daikon. I do love daikon but this was a nice change and added a great colour to the dish and flavour when you put it on top of your sushi.

If you're ever on West 4th in Vancouver and have a craving for sushi, check out Sushi Bella. It has more of a romantical atmosphere, so it would be a good date spot or if you wanted a bit of a fancier sushi night.

This is my friend Zahra and I at the fashion show.

She's so pretty! It was so fun! Not only was one of my oldest friends presenting but 2 of her friends were also presenting too. It was really cool to see what they've been working so hard on. And I really liked how you could see their personalities through the clothes they made. Good job Britney, Wilber and my girl Nikki!!!

Have a good weekend!

Only one day of work and I'm off to Vegas for a stagette and wedding!!! Eeeek! My bestie is getting married at the Wynn, and I could not BE more excited.

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  1. Sushi Bella on Lonsdale & 2nd in North Van has been my favourite sushi place since it opened a couple of years ago. Great fusion sushi, and so easy to eat vegan there.

  2. You are stunning! Thanks for a great night! Looking forward to our next Romeo and Juliette opera evening. We should deff try out a new restaurant that day too!!! xxoo love you long time!