Wednesday, November 16, 2011

30 Day Health Challenge: Day 16

Well.....yesterdays all raw day was successful. With any cleanse or detox, there can be an emotional element as well as the physical detox symptoms. It has not been bad at all for me, mainly because I'm already so healthy but also because when I was feeling snippy and emotional I just put my head down and worked away. The morning was the worst. I was feeling VERY hungry for solid food. Not hungry because I was full but the need for solid food was great. The menu I ate/drank on Tuesday was:

1 cup hot lemon water
3 16-20 ounce smoothies (mixed berries, banana, apple, pear, lime, fresh veggie juice....)
1 apple
1 small salad with lemon dressing (fruit and veg)
1 LARGE salad with lemon dressing (fruit and veg)
4 mandarin oranges

NOTE: when I say lemon dressing, I mean just fresh lemon juice.

Seriously, that was all I ate. AND I got in an hour workout. 50 minutes cardio and 10 minutes abs and stretching.

The point of this cleanse is to remove built up toxins in my body, clear out waste (EW) and to cleanse my palate of sugar and salt. It also helps reduce cravings, detoxifies your liver and colon and reduces weight (if that's what you want). I'm def more of a savory eater. I love salty foods but am totally addicted to sugar. Its crack. I swear. 

Today, I'm gonna try for another raw day again. We'll see how it goes. I'm a little mucusy and a very slight headache (signs of detox) but that is so minimal that I barely can feel it. 

My liquid breaky, smoothie, herbal tea, hot lemon water and water!

Now, I'm not gonna lie here and tell you this is easy. Its really not at all. The first 5 hours of day one was rough. I barely talked at all. My coworkers noticed how quiet I was. If you know me at all, I'm one chatty Cathy over here. After my workout as I was prepping my salad, I was a bit somber. Not because the salad wasn't tasty but because it wasn't hot food.

Dinner is my FAVE meal of the day fo sho. So making some tasty and delish is one of my fave things to do, whether its just for me or if I cook for someone else. SO FUN! My somber attitude towards my salad was def uncalled for, and it was enjoyable and on any other day I wouldn't have felt that way, but a whole day raw is hard. 

The principals of what I wanna do are:
- consume 2-3 16-20 oz smoothies per day
- eat raw for 2 meals a day
- Cook with no added fats, oils, sugar or salt
- last 7 days!

That being said, I never let my diet slow me down. Tomorrow I will be dining out tomorrow night before I see a movie....haven't chosen the restaurant. He's pretty flexible in his eats and is training for a fight this month so eating clean is where he's at so maybe we'll go to a raw vegan place. We usually go to Gorilla Food but it closes at 7pm so Organic Lives is our option. OR I'm thinking Calabash Bistro as a back up plan. I haven't been there since the summer.

Here's the salad I had last night:

Now wish me luck for day 2!!! EEEeeek, and I got some new moves for the gym that I'm stoked to try out.




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