Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Restaurant Review: Wallflower Modern Diner

This weekend I went to the Wallflower on Main Street again for breakfast. I'm really digging this place. So far I've only gone for breakfast so jetting over there for lunch would be fab sometime. I'd love to try their vegan mac and cheese which I've heard is awesome! One of the best things about the Wallflower is that they have 3 menu's (regular, vegan and gluten free) so everyone in your life has something to eat. And the vegans aren't left to eat just a fruit plate or salad. 

This was the first time I've gone out for breaky and everyone at the table ate vegan. My aunt and uncle are not vegan but love any food. We all also ate gluten free. I opted for fruit instead of gluten free bread but they had it. I had a couple bites and it was pretty good! Gluten free bread has come a long way. It really has. Silver Hills just came out with one a few weeks back, I need to try it. 

Black Bean and Corn Hash

BBQ Tofu Hash
My uncle and I both got the black bean and corn hash. Its super yummy. Fresh salsa on top. Tons of veggies. Tons actually. Its a generous sized dish. Even without the bread I was super full. The fruit was a little disappointing. They charged an extra $2 bucks for that, which amounted to a quarter of an apple and maybe 2 strawberries. I was sorta annoyed with that. At least give me a decent sized amount like at minimum it should have been half the apple. Oh well. And that was their only fruit option. Which is fine. I love apples and strawberries.

The BBQ Tofu Hash was yummy! It had a great bbq sauce on it. Sweet and savoury. Great combo. Next time I'd like to try the Benny. I wonder if they can make it gluten free? I'm sure they can. Use the gluten free bread instead of the English muffins....hmmmm.

I made this salad and I think you should make it. Its super easy and delish. 

Avocado Kale Salad
1 pkg kale
3 cups organic mixed greens
1 lemon
1 avocado
sea salt

Tear the leaves off the kale, rinse and rip into bite sized pieces. Add the avocado, lemon and sea salt and massage for about 1-2 minutes. Add the mixed greens and toss until fully coated. Add toppings like blueberries, green onions, and cucumber. ENJOY!!!

SERIOUSLY yummy and makes a lot. I had 3 servings. I put some of it inside a rice paper wrap. Yum!

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