Thursday, January 26, 2012

Easy appetizers and Vegan Brownies!!!

I needed to bring a small dish/appy to a girlfriends house on the weekend and needed something quick. This salad is so easy to make and has 2 of my fave ingredients: quinoa and black beans. YUM.

Mexican Quinoa Salad
2 cups dry quinoa, cooked according to package
1 can black beans
1 jalapeno, minced
1 cup chopped cucumber
1 lime, juiced
2 carrots, chopped finely
1/2 red onion, diced
1 tsp chili powder
1/2 tsp sea salt

Let the quinoa cool. I popped mine in the freezer for 5-10 minutes to cool it off faster. Combine all ingredients and add any more seasonings if you need it.

 My friend Bre made these cute little appies! Pita bread, hummus, falafel, tomato, cucumber and avocado!!! LOVE this idea. They were super yummy and look fancy to boot.

A little pick me up. 

Vegan brownie!!!!!!!

My gf Jessica made these kick ass vegan fudge brownies! omg. Obvs I got the recipe from her, because well, these need to be in my belly more often. Even though I'm training hard right now. Sigh. Maybe after. lol But sharing is caring, so here's the recipe folks!

Vegan Fudge Brownies

yields 12 squares

1 1/2 cups (360mL) unbleached flour
1/2 cup (120mL) cocoa
1 1/2 cups (360mL) brown sugar
1 1/2 tsp (7.5mL) baking soda
3/4 tsp (4mL) baking powder
1 tsp (5mL) salt
3/4 cup (180mL) soy milk
3/4 cup (180mL) coffee
1/3 cup (80mL) vegetable oil
1/2 cup (120mL) walnuts, roasted & chopped
1/2 cup (120mL) carob chips

7oz (210g) dark, belgian chocolate
5oz (150g) vegan margarine

1.) Pre-heat oven to 325 F. Prepare a 9"x 9" pan by greasing it and then lining it with parchment paper.

2.) Sift together the flour, cocoa, brown sugar, baking soda, baking powder and salt. In a separate bowl, stir together the coffee, soy milk and vegetable oil. Combine the wet and dry mixes and stir well. Stir in walnuts into the batter. Pour the batter into the prepared pan, sprinkle the top with carob chips, and bake for 25 minutes, or until an inserted toothpick comes out clean. Coool the cake on a wire rack.

3.) When the cake is cool, prepare the glaze. In a double boiler, melt the chocolate and vegan margarine. Whisk together very thouroughly to get a smooth, rather than a streaky finish. Pour the warm glaze over the cake, smoothing it out over the surface. Place the pan in the fridge to set. Divide the pan of brownies into 12 squares and enjoy!

I def recommend making these delish brownies. Looking at the recipe the only thing I'd change would be I'd use almond milk. Just cause that's the one I love.....Oh man, now I want a brownie!

Must resist. I've started a new training program. I'm doing the official Tough Mudder workout and its hard! I love it to death but man. I gotta keep my diet in check! And I need a new protein powder. I'm a HUGE vega fan. Love all their products but I'd thought I'd check out a different one. Switch it up a bit. Hmmm, so far the consensus from my fellow vegan pals on FB and Instagram say Sun Warrior. We shall see.....




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  1. I don't drink coffee. Do I just make a cup of instant coffee as a liquid drink and add it to the wets? At first I was thinking you meant dry coffee.