Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Restaurant Review: Chomp Vegan Eatery

I had the pleasure of checking out a new vegan restaurant this weekend in Port Moody. Its a vegan, gluten free establishment that is just cute as a button! The decor is super adorable, all white with splashes of colour and the cutest little chairs you've ever seen. lol You can check them out here

My friend Leanne and I decided to share 3 items, which I love doing. I always want to try everyone else's food. Sharing is caring folks. We picked the Summer Salad, Full-alfel and the Grilled Cheese Madness. Let me tell you, it was madness. It was my personal fave.


 Honestly, it was not the best falafel I've ever had. And not to imply I'm some sort of falafel connoisseur but being vegan and not a frequenter of dollar slice pizza at 2am, I have had my fair share and this one was a tad dry. But the vegan tzatziki was amazing.

Grille Cheese Madness
 This was madness, in fact, it was the bomb!!! Gluten free bread (yah!), daiya (double yah!), zucchini, pear, red onion, red pepper and basil. BAM! Seriously good and from now on, may all my grilled cheeses be mad.

Summer Salad
This was a very fresh and light salad. Needed a bit more flavour but it was good. It had my 2 fave beans, the chickpea and the black bean. Was nice and filling too. 

All in all, I'd go there again. Next time I'm getting the mac and cheesey and the sliders. YUM!

Check em out!

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  1. Thanks for doing this review! I just heard about Chomp and am soooooo happy there's a vegan restaurant in port moody. The food looks great! Can't wait to try it. Reminds me of New York's Blossom Du Jour, which is awesome.

    1. It was my pleasure to do this review!!! I think you'll really like it. The ppl are great, the shop is cute and the food is awesome! That grilled cheese was amazing. I kinda want one now.....