Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Master Wrapper

I'm really into wraps right now. I've always liked them for sure. But the last 2 weeks have been wrap-tastic. Collard greens are what I've been using mostly but I've dabbled in some rice paper and lettuce wraps too so that I don't get bored. I put anything and everything in them from tofu to apples and sprouts to cucumbers and avocado to tempeh. Whatevs. I even put a recipe that I tested that I thought was a fail in it because I couldn't bare to waste all those precious veggies.

I got the recipe from VEGA. The company of Brendan Brazier, my vegan god. I thought it looked and sounded wonderful. Used some colourful ingredients and ones that I love, like dijon mustard. But I really wasn't feeling the flavour and I don't like it when a food dyes everything else the same colour, like beets. I rarely use beets even though they are super tasty. You can get the recipe here if you're interested. I changed a couple of things. I didn't use oil or have any chickpeas but other than that I followed it. 

SOOOO, to not waste it I threw it into my rice paper wraps and romaine lettuce wraps along with some other veggies and it was great! Actually I liked it quite a bit like that, just not on its own. Weird. 

Romaine lettuce wraps and sriracha

Refreshing like this. And nice and light. 

The next few photo's are of my dinner last night. I was running late to meet my friend Steve and he kindly gave me an extra 15 minutes so I could eat dinner. Lol. I threw these together really  fast and pan fried some tofu with soy sauce and put that on top of some quinoa for a quick dinner. The wraps all have various ingredients but I find with the rice paper ones is to not soak them for long. Just soak until they are soft, like 30 seconds. And lay down a piece of lettuce so your filling doesn't poke holes in the paper. 

Rice paper wraps
Fillings that I've been using are carrots, sprouts, tofu, avocado, stir fried veggies, red pepper, cucumber, hummus, and jalapenos. Not all at once.

The dip is just low sodium soy sauce and sriracha

Green smoothie and berry smoothie
 The green one has spirulina, hemp seeds, spinach, half a banana, lime, water and carrot. The berry one has half a banana, spinach, lime and water.
Its so effin cold in Vancouver right now. There's barely any snow but was like -7 this morning. Felt like -10 though. Even with my ear muffs, leg warmers, boots with the fur and parka I was still freezing. But its supposed to get in the pluses tomorrow. Lets hope they're right. I'm just not built for this kinda weather. Lol

Tonight I'm experimenting with something that may or may not work out. There's a gluten free expo this Sunday from 11-4pm that I might try to check out. You can see the deets here. I'm very interested in going gluten free. I always feel better when I am. And I am for the most part. I don't eat bread very much and I almost never eat pasta or noodles anymore. Usually when I do eat noodles its rice or buckwheat noodles. 

My friend Steve told me about one of his good buddies blog. Its a health/fitness blog and it looks super awesome! Yah I said super awesome. I'm very excited about checking it out some more. There's some seriously good info on there and I think you should check it out. Click here to see. Good tips on keeping fit, which is good for all you resolutioners. Ha




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