Monday, January 30, 2012

Restaurant Review: Foundation

I was back at Foundation on Main St again this weekend. LOVE that place. Had to wait forever for a table but its honestly worth the wait. We could have been seated faster because they had at least 4 empty tables but that's not how they roll at Foundation. Not sure what the reasoning is, but they often let tables go unseated while there is a long line out the door. Guess they don't have the whole lets make some money mentality. Lol

Everyone else was sharing nachos, which I hear are the best in the city, but of course I don't eat cheese so I got my own meal. I decided to try something different, opted for the Maple Tahini tofu dish. Served with tons of veggies, spinach, tofu and quinoa. Might have been some chickpeas but now I can't remember. It was seriously the bomb!!! That sauce was to die for. I'm going to need to recreate this sauce. Fo sho. 

LOVE this dish. I also love how this place has so many options. They serve brown rice, pasta, burgers and quinoa! I love quinoa so much. And not many places serve it. And especially since I've decided to try going gluten free. And, and, and. Lol

I've gone gluten and sugar free in the last week. It would have been at least 2-2.5 weeks but I got sabotaged last week with a vegan brownie. Not that I'm complaining too much cuz damn that brownie was tasty!!! The reason I'm doing the sugar thing is twofold, 1. sugar is the devil, addictive, keeps you fat, makes you fat.....etc. and 2. Tough Mudder. Its in June. Its baddass. It looks crazy hard and I'm just hoping I survive it. I've been working very hard at increasing my strength. Particularly in my upper body. And I'm getting stronger and seeing some results. But now I wanna go full on hardcore. We'll see how long it lasts! LOL

I've started the official Tough Mudder training workout last week. I'm going to do it 3 days a week and the other 3 days will be my regular workouts plus lots of cardio. That coupled with my clean diet should make for some awesome results. I'm going to document it and if it works then I'll post it for yah! I'm going to follow this regime for 12 weeks. I'm now in week 2!

Check out one of the Tough Mudder video's 

That shit cray!

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