Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Daily eats

I get asked a lot what I eat on a daily basis. SO here's another look into what I eat for breaky and lunch. I make a boatload of soup and chili and freeze them for my lunches. My lunches are almost always something from my freezer and a salad or fruit.

I make a green smoothie every morning and have that as my breaky. My go to recipe these days is the one I posted yesterday. 1 banana, 1 carrot, handful spinach, 1 lemon (or lime), juices and some hemp seeds. Lots of water, blend on high. Today I threw in a pear as well. YUM!

This recipe makes about 2 16 oz servings. So I have one from 8-9am ish and then the next serving at 10-11am ish. Its a great way to wake up the digestive system. I also start first with a glass of hot lemon water, but having a liquid breakfast is amazing. It also sets you up for eating right the whole day. You have a better chance of making the right choices if you start off with a healthy breaky folks. 

Veggie Leek soup with carrots, kale and mixed grains and legumes

I just threw all the ingredients into my crockpot one day because the leeks would go bad soon and it was Christmas in a couple of days and I knew I wouldn't eat what was in the fridge in time. I thought it was going to be boring and too light. But the leeks are amazing! They add so much flavour. YUM. I used Vegta and very little spices. I can't even recall but not much.

So there you have it. This is what a vegan eats. Lol I think for dins I'm going to whip up a fried rice. I was at T&T on Saturday and picked up some bok choy and gai lan. I think I'm going to make a very green veg fried rice. That's gonna take a lot of chopping I think....sigh. Lol

Can you tell I got an iphone? lol Pics are much better now than with my blackberry and much more stylized. Ha



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