Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Wow, can't believe its actually 2012 already. Seems like the year just flew by. I ended the year with my bestie partying it up. Super fun time. Went to 2 parties, got to hang out with cool peeps and take lots of pics on a media wall. I love taking photos. lol I'm so vain. ;)

Hold up! Rewind a couple days. I made Kevin a Christmas dinner because he didn't get one. I invited a couple friends as well. We had so much fun! Chatting, gossiping, eating and drinking. Loves.

I made a tofurkey, mashed potatoes/turnips, roasted broccoli and carrots in maple syrup and corn. I also scored some turkey for Kevin. That little X in the centre of the table is the tofurkey jerky wish bone. LOL

This is us at one of the white parties I went to on NYE. Love these guys. We look fabulous.

On the first of January, my family does a NY party. We eat Japanese food and fall into our first food coma's of the year. If you ask me, its the best way to start off the year. We eat traditional NY food. Especially Omochi. It is a dumpling made from rice and is served in a soup of deliciousness. Its kind of an acquired consistency. Its like a big glutinous ball of pulverized rice. It basically has no flavour at all, but the soup and the fixin's you put with it does. Its good luck for the year, so it has to be done. As a kid I never ate it, but started to when I was about 18 I think.

New Years Day Shigetomi styles

 That's my Baba in my cousin Josh's Air Jordan 11 Concords, size 12. My Baba is like 4'10. Lol

Happy 2012 everyone! Hope this year is an AWESOME one for all. Do what works for you. Make your resolutions, set goals, write them down, think of them, make a vision board, do nothing....whatever your style is, just make this year amazing!





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