Friday, January 6, 2012

Oil Free Fried Rice

I had a hankering for fried rice the other night and a boat load of green veggies in my fridge. I didn't write a recipe down so I don't have exact measurements, but I know the ingredients and can guesstimate. Also, I feel that fried rice is like pasta, just use what you have.

Oil Free Fried Rice
2 cups dry brown rice, cooked
1/2 onion, chopped
3 garlic cloves, minced
2 celery stalks, chopped small
kale, chopped or processed in food processor
bok choy, chopped small
sui choy, chopped small

soy sauce
sweet soy sauce (thai)
garlic powder
hot sauce
sesame seeds

1. Put celery, onion and garlic into a wok or big pan and pan fry for 3 minutes or until fragrant and translucent. Use about a quarter cup of water to prevent sticking.
2. Add remaining veggies and cook for 8 minutes.
3. Add rice and fold together until mixed fully. Turn the heat down to med-low.
4. Add the "Sauce" to your liking. I did not measure this at all, just dumped it in. But don't put too much, it just needs to season it not drown it.

Serve over a bed of steamed greens. I chose steamed gai lan which I tossed in sesame seeds, soy sauce and garlic powder.

Green veggie HEAVEN!

Yummy, greens, my life blood

Oh yah! Japanese spices

Steamed gai lan w/ soy and sesame seeds

The finished product
It was seriously yummy. Tasted super delicious, healthy, and wholesome. I got rid of my craving for fried rice and also got tons of protein, iron, calcium, and vits. TONS in fact. 

Have you ever cooked with no oil? You should try it. Its not that hard, you just need to use water and adjust the temperature you cook at. I also use a stainless steel wok. Its much healthier to eat without the added fats, especially saturated fat. 

I saw Mission Impossible last night and I gotta say I was a little disappointed at Tom Cruise's physique. He was a little soft. He usually buffs up for these flicks. I'm not a huge fan anyways, but it was entertaining. Action flicks always are. And def better to see them in the theatre. Next up is Sherlock. Also wanna see the Marilyn Monroe one too. 




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