Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Restaurant Review: Rasoee - The Indian Kitchen

Well, last night I thought I was being cooked for but I was wrong. LOL Kevin picked us up some take out from this little Indian resto near his place. Its called Rasoee - The Indian Kitchen. He's talked about it before because every time I walk by it smells so dang good I can't help but become starving. Ha. You can check out their website here and the menu here. They have sensual sides, which intrigues me. 

Chickpea Curry with Whole Wheat Naan
PS: love that I don't even need to tell Kevin what I want or what vegans eat. Its a luxury. :)

OK, So, onto the review. The curry was quite tasty. It had a melange of finely chopped veggies on the side (yah, I said melange). Peppers and cucumbers and such. Served with basmati rice. The portion size was perfect. Love that they have the whole wheat naan option. It wasn't the BEST Indian I've had, but it was certainly delish. I would def eat there again, especially to try their sensual sides. They are sides like chutney and dip but I just love how they are called sensual. LOL Who doesn't want more sensual sides in their lives? 

After looking at the menu online I noticed you can make wraps out of any of their curry's and then they add some veggies AND they throw in one of the sensual sides!!! I want! I want! The price is VERY reasonable. Like cheap in fact. Me likey. If you haven't seen the resto, its kinda trendy. Even though its about being fast, fresh and affordable, they didn't skimp on the decor. Me likey too!

NOTE: apparently the take out containers are also green. They are microwavable and dish washer safe so you can reuse them! Love that!

SO that all being said, you should check it out if you're in the hood. Its on Robson street by the library and they also have 2 other locations at UBC and West 8th. 

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