Monday, January 9, 2012

Gettin Fresh

I've known the glory of collard greens for a while now. They are probably the best vegetable for a person to eat. They have pretty much everything and beat kale in terms of nutrient density. Although not by a landslide. Kale is awesome. I eat it almost every day. Collards are something I'd like to bump up to almost every day too. 

Here are some facts about collards that I got from this website.

Look at that!!! And at only 49 calories per 100 grams, that's awesome! So instead of using tortillas or other lettuce for wraps, use collard greens. You'll get way more nutrients and more bang for your buck. If you want to know how to use collard leaves as wraps watch this video by Ani Phyo. She's awesome. LOVE her. I really want to add more raw foods in my diet and she is def an expert. Check her out!

Anyways, back to what I made. I picked up some of these collard greens, hummus, cucumber, apple and green onion and made some wraps! OMG they were so yummy. So fresh and delish. 

Collard greens, cucumber, apple, green onion, carrot and hummus. YUMMMMM
My first attempt

Yah baby!

My work space today. 
Collard greens, green onion, apple, cucumber, hummus, homemade pumpkin and hemp seed spread, and homemade mustard.
My lunch: Chickpea lentil veggie soup and some wraps

Look at how delicious that looks! And they are super easy to make. Just wrap and go! I great way to start off the New Year. It is after all International Diet Month. lol I just made that up, but its basically true. Although you would never know by coming to my office. People are still bringing in baked goods and chocolates. Driving me crazy!!! Come on! Everyone's on a diet in January. 

The pumpkin and hemp seed spread I just made up. And I didn't write down a recipe but here's what I did:

Raw Pumpkin Hemp Seed Spread
Soaked 1 cup raw pumpkin seeds for the day. Then added those plus 1/2 cup raw hemp seeds, 1/4 red onion, 2 garlic cloves, a little water, dash of sea salt and blend in the food processor until smooth. 

I've been eating that with carrots and celery and putting it in my wraps. Good source of protein and another million other health benefits. Hemp is so great for you. Its such a versatile plant. I'm almost out of my hemp seeds, looks like I'm going to have to go to Costco soon! Yah for Costco for selling them. Brilliant move. :)

Made a good little Thai lentil soup for tonight's Bachelor night!!! Also gonna roast some veggies and my friend Jessica is bringing the wine. Love it that I have friends who like to eat their veggies, drink wine and watch trashy shows on TV. Ha. 

PS a friend told me that if you click on my pics that you can take a closer look at them. ALL of them at one time. Learn something new every day!





  1. Your wraps look phenomenal. That is like a new age fajita, ugh your brilliant. Thx again

  2. Where can you buy collard greens in Vancouver?