Monday, January 16, 2012

Restaurant Review: Gorilla Food

I haven't been to Gorilla Food in SO long so it was glorious to return. But I was shocked to see that there has been some changes to the menu and the shop. I'm not opposed to change per say but the old menu was banging. They took off some of the wraps which makes me upset. They used to have like 6 and now they have 2. But he said they might come back. Which I hope. ALSO, they have a new bowl on the menu that sounded phe-nom but the staff on that day didn't know how to make it so I couldn't try it, BOO. 

That all being said, it made no difference on my experience because the people that work there are super friendly and laid back and the food is nourishing and amazing. Its just so good.

Since my meal decision got thwarted, I had to make a game time decision. I opted for the Great Gorilla salad. Its great and fit for a gorilla. Its got kale, other leafy greens, veggies, veggie pate, nuts, olives, sprouts.....everything basically.

Great Gorilla Salad
SUCH a good salad.

My girlfriend Beth got one of the veggie burgers. They are all good but my fave is the Go Veggie Burger. Its a double pattie and has tomatoes, guacamole and served with a lettuce leaf bun. Unless you opt for the veggie flax bread. Which is delish. Not everyone likes raw breads, the texture is a little chewy, but I'm down wit it. :)

Go Veggie Burger

Look at how amazing that looks. Its totally food art. I usually get it with the lettuce leaf bun. Its slightly messy, but not crazy. Beth got the flax veggie bread and took half the lettuce off. It does look rather aggressive I guess. LOL

Now, Beth introduced me to a lovely lady, Debbie. She has been vegetarian for quite some time. But still ate eggs and cheese. About 2 months ago, she decided to challenge herself and be vegan for 30 days. And she's still going!!! She reads my blog daily and makes some of recipes (with good reviews, PHEW) lol. Cheese was the main thing Debbie missed which is totally understandable. Dairy turns into an opiate in your body which is why people love it so much. And when they make cheese, its way more concentrated. This explains people obsession with cheese. 

Anyhoo, I digress. It was super awesome to meet Debbie. I love chatting with people who have the same interest in health as I do. And I love chatting food! I also haven't seen Beth in just under a year now. But that's better than our last drought, I think it might have been like 6 years! GASP. 

Debbie chose a sandwich. SHe got the Main St. Monkey. Its quite yummy and creamy. It has a creamy avocado mash up, zucchini hummus, olive tapenade, tomatoes, cucumber and sprouts. She chose the flax veggie bread too. 

Main St. Monkey

The whole shabang

Me, Beth and Debbie!
So nice to catch up with an old friend and make a new one!  Happy Cooking Debbie!!!

I almost forgot to mention the smoothie Beth and I shared. OMG it was so damn tasty! It was the Choco Gorilla. It had almonds, cacao, banana, hemp seeds, dates and coconut oil. SUPER yummy, like dessert. I pretty much licked it clean. Seriously.

All gone. In my belly.

PS I can't believe its been snowing here. And its supposed to snow all week. Boo. I'm just not built for this weather. Although, if it snowed enough to shut the city down and have a snow day, I wouldn't be tooooo upset. lol

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