Monday, May 21, 2012

Restaurant Review: Patron Tacos & Cantina

I love Mexican food and trying new restaurants so when Patron Tacos and Cantina opened up almost across the street from Kevin's it was obvious that we would check it out. There isn't a huge veggie or vegan options but what I ate was AMAZING!!! Like omg, I'm in love amazing! I mean, I can't stop thinking and dreaming about these tacos. I can't wait to go back and to make them myself. YUM!

I wanted to get the veggie enchiladas, but was informed that it was made with poblano stew which is cream based. So that was a  no go. So I went with the garlic mushroom tacos, 3 of them. I added a side of guacamole because, well guac is awesome. I don't know how much I have to tell you that I LOVE garlic mushrooms. I actually make them as a snack at home. I just sautee up some sliced mushrooms, garlic, garlic powder and a little sea salt. MMmmmmm. OK back to the food.

Garlic Mushroom Tacos

Sorry about the quality. I tried to fix it but then the pictures wouldn't load. So I dunno, but it doesn't change how tasty these tacos were! I want them again!

Chicken enchiladas
Kevin got the chicken enchiladas. He very much enjoyed them. Looked good. I was jealous that he was able to get enchiladas cuz that's what I originally ordered, veg obvs, but alas I could not.

Pretty much licked it clean
I ate every last bite.
Check it out folks! Yummy Mexican in downtown Van. Not very many vegan options, but if you still eat dairy, then there are some vegetarian options. But I'll be back for those garlic mushrooms tacos. And maybe they can make me up some veggie enchiladas using those mushrooms.... :)
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