Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Restaurant Review: Fairy Cakes Cupcakes

I had the great pleasure of trying some of the delicious cupcakes from Fairy Cakes. They are cupcakes that are designed for people on restricted diets such as vegan, gluten free, nut free, etc or people who just want an awesome cupcake with a lower carbon footprint. They use mostly organic and/or fair trade ingredients.

They aren't JUST cupcakes either. They have cookies and loaves too. AND you can custom order your fairy cakes to have almost any kind of icing you can dream of. But I'm pretty sure you'd have to call ahead and give them a day or 2 notice. I highly recommend checking them out. The cupcakes are pretty freaking phe-nom!!! Don't tell anyone but I had 3!! In one day! OMG. I can't believe that I did that. I am not a big dessert person and especially with all my training these days and weddings galore, my diet has been super clean. But these little cakes were just too good to resist. Plus there were lots and I didn't want them to go to waste! Heaven forbid! LOL

I couldn't get a shot of them before we devoured a couple. They are a little smaller than your average cupcake which is really nice. The frosting's were blueberry, mocha, lime, lemon and lemon-lime. They were all amazing, mocha was the best but blueberry was a close second. All of these cupcakes were gluten free and vegan. Love both those options. I find that I feel very tired when I eat too much wheat, so gluten free is a bonus. These were honestly some of the best cupcakes I've ever had. I can't wait to visit the shop as I didn't go to it, these were bought for me. Well not all for me, lol that would be a little crazy.


So head on over to Fraser street and check them out. I think next door or a couple shops down is Nice Shoes which is a vegan shoe store. I haven't been yet, but I wanna check it out. I hear they have some nice kicks!

I also got one of these chocolate bars. Eli's Earth Bars. Which isn't the best name because there is nothing earthy about them. LOL But they were super delish! I think this one was chocolate peanut butter and OMG. Heaven! I was on the biggest sugar high of my adult life. I rarely eat so much sugar but I swear I could of run a marathon from that high. HA

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