Thursday, May 24, 2012

Restaurant Review: Vegan Pizza House

I have had the pleasure of eating pizza from the Vegan Pizza House on Kingsway about 3 times now. One of the luxuries that vegan's have had to give up in the pasta is delivery pizza. Or dollar slice for that matter (late night pizza for those of you who don't know). Not sure if dollar slice is still around a dollar but in my day it was. ;) Anyways, nowadays there are more and more options like the Loving Hut food truck to provide us with burgers and the Vegan Pizza House to deliver us pizza so we don't have to starve on those Sunday evenings when ur just too lazy to cook.

I know I know, me not want to cook? But it happens. I am constantly cooking so once and a while its nice to order delivery, get take out or have someone cook for me. My FAVE is when a man cooks for me. I guess since I've been cooking since I was 9, its SO nice to have a night off.

One of the best things about the Vegan Pizza House is that even though they are on Kingsway near Victoria, they deliver downtown and the West End!!! Seriously amazing! That's a long way to go and I tip my hat (if I ever wore hats) off to them. Thank you for not cutting us downtown vegans off. :) And they are SUPER friendly.

I got combo 5 which is a medium 3 topping pizza, lasagna, green salad, and garlic toast. HUGE. But I'm a pig. And I didn't eat it one night. :) I got ham, mushrooms and green peppers. I wanted to get a combo because A) I wanted to try the pasta and B) I wanted the price to be over $20 for them to deliver all the way down here.

I freaking love daiya, and that's the cheese they use. Glorious taste it is. A friend of mine said sometimes there is too much daiya and its an overload but I have yet to experience that. I thought the cheese proportion was pretty bang on. Enough for the cheesy ooey goodness but not too much that you get overwhelmed by it and not taste the rest.

I did have a pic of the lasagna but it won't load. I dunno what the problem is. But it just looks like a normal take out lasagna. Not sure what's in it. But it was pretty simple. I like it enough but I wouldn't get it again. It was nothing special, barely any veggies. Just noodles, sauce and cheese. Meh. A little disappointing but the pizza is SO good that I actually didn't think much about it till now.

So check out their menu on their FB page and order away or check them out in their shop on Kingsway. Its nothing special by any means. A little dive but the best food comes from places like this. Stick to the pizza and you will be mucho happy.

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  1. Looks awesome! I am not a huge fan of daiya on pizza (I prefer cooking it into a creamy sauce), so I just order my pizzas with lots of veggies and no cheese. Surprisingly delicious. But it would be nice to have a vegan pizza place near us. Vegan ham on a pizza sounds amazing!

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