Saturday, May 19, 2012

Restaurant Review: Panz Veggie

Another yummy meal at Panz Veggie. For those of you who don't know, Panz Veggie is a vegan Chinese restaurant in downtown Vancouver. Its a cute little place that is kind of tucked away from the busy part of downtown; its located on Hornby near Pacific. I love going there not only for the food, but also because its kind of relaxing. Its like they're in their own time warp or something. They never rush you and bring your bill right after your last bite. In fact you will have to ask for it. They will keep serving you tea long after you've finished, that way you can finish your convo's and digest a tad before venturing out again. The decor is nice and more often than not, I've eaten next to a monk. :)

I went with my friend Wes. He's never been and we both live relatively close. Plus he's down to try new foods. I love that. I find it annoying when people hear the word vegan and think it must just be lettuce, grass or just boring food. That could not be further from the truth, which I'm pretty sure I've demonstrated.......repeatedly. LOL Ok, now onto the food porn:

Spring rolls
Yummy veggie spring rolls with cabbage, carrots, onions, etc plus Chinese mushrooms. Mmmmm. I love chinese mushrooms but they have a very strong, pungent taste. Not like any other mushroom I've had. Most mushrooms are much milder in flavour, but give these a go! I buy them dried sometimes and add them to my stir frys.

Laughing Tiger
This dish I have never had. It was super yummy. It had carrots, potato, snap peas, Chinese mushroom, bamboo shoots and who knows what other yumminess. I quite enjoyed it.

Coconut greens
This one is my Dad's favorite. I love it too cuz I love coconut milk like a lot! It had sui choy, veggie ham, red and green peppers and a coconut sauce. Also yummy. It has a little saltiness going with the sweetness of the coconut milk. Love that.

Of course we had some rice with it as well. :)

So again, another awesome meal at one of my fave spots in Vancouver. I haven't quite yet tried all the dishes. But I will. The menus is quite big actually. The menu item names are hilarious and you have no idea whats in them until you ask. There are no descriptions. HA Love it. Mystery and intrigue! It gets yah talking to your server. Which sometimes is the owner. Sweet woman. :)

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