Wednesday, May 30, 2012

NEW Drink alert at Cultured Coffee and Tea

I love iced coffee. Its my Summer drink....well my Summer coffee. My usual iced coffee comes from the big green giant but my new fave is over at Cultured Coffee and Tea! Its located in the Granville tunnel to the sky train. Right next to the new pay stations. Check them out!

They have recently added a new drink to their menu, Iced Coffee. Its not made like a traditional iced coffee which is typically coffee brewed with less water and chilled. The reason they use less water is because they fill your cup up with ice so it gets a little diluted. I always ask for easy ice because I like my coffee strong.....same as how I like my men ;)

So this iced coffee is actually dripped through this contraption with cold water which retains more of the acidicness of the coffee beans and therefore the flavour. The particular beans are from Brazil I believe and have a nutty flavour with a chocolate undertone. It was quite pleasurable. Man, do I sound like a coffee snob or what?! LOL I'm a little bit of a conniseur but nothing in comparison to my Dad, Al, who by the way is the owner of this shop. (Dad, please disregard the man comment above, lol)

In the coming weeks they will be trying out some different varieties of beans so that should be fun. I will of course report back.

Just a side note, they have some great food here too. Some vegan and gluten free muffins, veggie sandwiches, veggie burritos, fruit, fruit cups and tons of other sandwiches that are made in house. They also have specials/combos for them. I have yet to try any of the sammy's or burritos because of the cheese factor but I heard from a good source that they might be testing out Daiya!!! How amazing would that be?

Anyways, if you're an iced coffee lover or in need of a good cup of coffee then head on over to Cultured Coffee and Tea. Honestly, their americano's are the best I've had. I'm really not being biased. They are smooth, got good crema and not bitter.




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