Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Restaurant Review: Gorilla Food

I have been to Gorilla Food only once since they changed their menu. I am still a little disappointed that they got rid of some of the wraps but I'll get over it. Change is good. Especially when they add a new bowl, the Oh my Gado Gado Nice Bowl. It sure was delicious!!!

My gf Leanne was coming downtown for a meeting so we met up before for lunch. She hasn't tried G-Food yet, so I thought this was the perfect time for her to check it out. She's pretty much game to try anything as long as there's no mushrooms. Ha. I'm pretty sure there are no mushrooms on G-Foods menu at all. :)

Oh My Gado Gado Nice Bowl
This bowl had "ryce" made from veggies and seeds and topped with tons of seasonal veggies, sprouts and a peanut sauce which was to die for! I LOVE peanut sauce! I really enjoyed this bowl a lot. I actually can't wait to get it again. The peanut sauce was a lovely accompaniment to all those veggies.

Leanne got a sandwich with a side of jungle slaw. Which is my fave item on the menu. I always tell people to get the slaw as its the best coleslaw I've ever had. I don't like regular coleslaw cuz of the mayo but this is unreal. Not your average coleslaw indeed,

Bonobos Carnival
Leanne got the Bonobos Carnival sandwich with the veggie flax bread. Its a creamy sandwich made with cashew cream cheese, sprouts, kale, avocado and lettuce. SO yummy and really filling. I almost never get the sandwiches for some reason, but I should. I especially love this one. There used to be more options but there's only 2 now. The other is with olive tapenade, so I probs won't get that one since I don't like olives.

Also, because I'm a pig, I got a smoothie to go as well. Ha. I got the Blue Green + BC Blue. Lots of good stuff in there. Made me feel nourished. It had orange juice, kale, hemp seeds, green algae, banana and blueberries. YUM!

PS I did the spartan race on Saturday May 12th and it was AWESOME!! I kicked some serious butt. lol The hardest part was the running because it was all hills. Brutal in fact. I'm no hills runner, I'm a long distance runner. But now I know what I need to work on. I'm SOOOOO proud of myself. Did it in 44 minutes and was 159th out of 877 women! BOOM

After Spartan Race
That's me all covered in mud!! I couldn't believe how easily I dove into those mud pits. One guy actually just jumped outta my way when he heard me coming. LOL It could have been the short shorts. That pair will never be worn in public again! haha. I could tell they were a mistake after my first couple steps. But I sure gave a nice view to the guys that were running and crawling behind me!!! HAHA

Now onto Tough Mudder!! I would be training tonight with my friend Sonya but I got sick immediately after the race. I thought it was allergies but its a cold. Wahhhhhh. I've been sick ever since 15 minutes after. Just a head cold but my nose has been a faucet! Sneezing like no tomorrow. But its almost done. Just one more day and I'll be back to normal. I went out for a 30 minute run yesterday just to try to boost my immune system. Might try again today.
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