Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Restaurant Review: Calabash Bistro

On Friday, the day before my race, I wanted to take it easy and just hang out with my friend Jimmy. We went over to Calabash Bistro and saw a flick at Tinseltown. I haven't been to Calabash in a long time actually. Since last summer I believe.

Calabash is not a vegan restaurant, and not even vegetarian but they are vegan/vegetarian friendly. Many cultures cuisine is like this where they don't put meat or dairy in every single dish. Which is good for me and my meat eating friends, cuz then we can coexist peacefully. ;)

The first time I was there I did not have a pleasant experience at all. I ordered a dish which did not have ANY dairy labelled in the ingredients and it came with cheese. When I told him I'm allergic and plus I just don't eat it he wouldn't bring me a new one and charged me for it. Even though it does not state that their is dairy in it. I don't think that you need to state all ingredients but common allergens and meat need to be listed. I was pretty pissed. He kindly gave us 50% off the dish but really we should NOT have been charged at all. Its probs why I don't frequent Calabash, but I was willing to give it another go.

And I'm SO glad I did!!! We had the best server ever! She was super friendly and funny. And suggested the vegetarian feature for me which was AWESOME!!! The food was fab and the service was great. Super happy about that.

Channa Salad
We started with the channa salad which was mixed greens, eggplant, chickpeas, tomato, carrots and some amazing dressing. I don't know what it was but it was delish! This was WAY diff than The Reef Channa salad which was warm (and delish). I like both. AND I don't like eggplant usually but this was so yummy. It wasn't its usual mushy self. YUM

Vegetarian Special
This had 2 veggie skewers with an amazing sauce PLUS pineapple! Brown rice and an ital stew. And a big side of homemade hot sauce which was off the hook! I was sweaty like a beast. LOL I always put too much on, but I don't regret it. I just take it like a man and eat through the firey goodness. :)
Jimmy got the seafood curry with a side of roti. Looked and smelled amazing. It also came with a side salad. The dressing on it was tasty too, but I liked the one on the Channa Salad better. Jimmy thoroughly enjoyed his curry. And ate the ish outta it actually.

Seafood Curry
Sorry for the crappy pics but someone stole my iphone last month and flash just ruins it. I like the little metal bowls. Indian styles. I would have dumped all the rice and curry onto my plate but Jimmy did it little by little. LOL we were there for a while. I was a hungry monkey and zipped through mine pretty fast plus mine was less maintenance and I don't eat bread. Well very often that is.

SO even though my first experience at Calabash was tainted, I persevered and had an amazing experience thanks to our AWESOME server. Which I don't even know her name!

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