Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wild Rice

Thursday night I went to Wild Rice for dinner. I did bring my camera and promised a review. Which I fully intend to give. Problem camera blows. It was dark and I could not get one good shot. That said, the food was amazing! As usual. If you haven't been, you MUST go. Its great for vegetarians and meat eaters. They use a lot of local and sustainable ingredients AND have many vegan options. YAH! I don't have to eat salad for dinner!

This is what we ate:

1. hot & sour with tofu, leeks, carrots & shitake
2. portabello mushroom, tofu & basil fun gwau
3. mixed vegetable and glass noodle spring rolls
4. tru ffle salt tofu cauli ower puree, fresh pea, mushroom vinaigrette
5. spicy maple hill chicken kung po with twice cooked peanuts, broccoli, rice noodle (made vegan w/ tofu)

You can check out some photo's here: Urban Spoon

1. The hot and sour soup was delish. Its been a long time since I've had it. Its a great vegan take on it.

2. These were little dumplings. Inside was the mushroom and tofu. It was sitting in a wonton soup spoon in a coconut milk sauce. DELISH! Great presentation too.

3. I love spring rolls. So no surprise here. Even the hot temperature burning my mouth didn't surprise me. lol

4. Now this was good! Completely random ingredients. Sounds so interesting and is very interesting. The main part was this little "cake". The tofu and cauliflower was made into this rectangular cake thing, put on top of fresh pea shoots and drizzled in a mushroom sauce. FAN-effin-TASTIC!! Party in my mouth! HA

5. All time fave. I get it every time I'm at Wild Rice. HUGE serving. The peanuts are to die for. Only complaint is there isn't enough broccoli. Its my fave vegetable so more is always better. Lol Other than that, the dish is PHE-nom. I had it with chicken back in my non-vegan days and it was equally as delish.

Wild Rice on Urbanspoon

We had a Mexican potluck at work on Friday. Great way to end the work week, with a good ole fashioned food coma to make the afternoon drag on. Lol. We really made a feast. I made my Mexican lasagna. It went over quite well. There was also chicken quesadilla's, Mexican beans and rice, nacho's, beef burrito's with a Chinese twist or "chexican" as I refer to it as and soft taco's from Bandidas Taqueria . I've been wanting to eat there forever, so was pleasantly surprised when someone brought them in.

I had the Ronny Russell: Roasted yams and onions, fresh guacamole, black beans, green salsa, purple cabbage & toasted pumpkin seeds.

There was also:
CamilloSpicy breaded walnuts, pinto beans, cheese, purple cabbage, fresh red salsa & sour cream.
Leona GayleSmoky-sweet chipotle tofu (organic), pinto beans, cheese, roasted red salsa, romaine lettuce & sour cream.
Wolf & GoatFresh guacamole, purple cabbage, pinto beans, fresh red salsa, cheese & sour cream.
EstellePineapple, black beans, cheese, fresh red salsa, romaine lettuce & sour cream.
Laura MayPinto beans, cheese, sour cream, fresh red salsa & romaine lettuce.

Bandidas Taqueria on Urbanspoon

WOW right?!! amazing stuff right there!

We feasted fo sho. YUM!

I got a new bed today! STOKED. So I'm staying in and watching movies and catching up on my TV on DVD. Since its getting colder, I've popped a soup into my crockpot. I'll put the recipe and pics up later.

Have a good weekend!




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