Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fun food for kids

I was given a challenge of coming up with some kid friendly recipes. So far I've got nothing. Well, some kids have eaten my food and loved it. And after talking to other moms I know that have toddlers and not babies I've figured that kids will eat pretty much whatever you give them as long as it looks good. (within reason)

My friend Beth is an amazing mother to an adorable boy Daylen. They are cute. Disgustingly cute. Lol. She makes the coolest lunches ever! I'm not even exaggerating one bit. I want her to make me a lunch like this.

I believe she has bought some of the tools to make these lunches online and at craft stores. She uses cookie cutter to make the sandwiches into those cool shapes. The lunches are super healthy and fun!

Look at all the good stuff in there! There's fruit, veggies, snacks, sandwich and awesomeness!

Once you get the cookie cutters, and those plastic muffin cup things, I think these kinds of lunches will be a breeze. Beth says she does not plan them, other than ones for holidays. And they only take her about 15 minutes to make. Just like any other lunch.

That's a lunch Beth made for Daylen on a weekend! How cute is this? She makes him fun lunches on weekends too. Would it be weird if I made myself one of these lunches?

This is Beth's family. How cute are they?

So there is round one of the kid friendly foods. I will try for some more. But really, I think that Beth is right. As long as it looks good, its more likely that your kid will try it. I've also found that if they get to assemble and make stuff with you, they eat more too. When my cousins were young, we would always make our own pizza's and such. It was always fun being in the kitchen putting together a feast.

Have fun with cooking!





  1. What a great idea. Probably makes road trips a lot more fun. I'm loving your blog!

  2. Thank you sooooooo much!!!
    Mucho appreciated. If there's something you want to see, let me know. I'm sure I can veganize it! :)