Monday, September 12, 2011

What a weekend!

I had SUCH a fun weekend! And I did not cook. Not even one time. I was too busy having fun. Lol. I went to a wedding reception that served a 12 course Chinese seafood dinner. For a seafood lover, this was paradise. For me........well it wasn't so bad. Not great but there was some food for me to eat. I sure ate a lot of mushrooms that night. I accidentally ate half a small scallop! GASP don't tell the vegan police. I thought it was a water chestnut. Woops!

Saturday was pretty much the best day ever! I ran 10km in the morning around Stanley Park. It was gorgeous out! Then I met up with my good buddy Jimmy to go to a pool party fundraiser for a hockey team in Richmond. Beer and sun. I'll take that!

Look at us. You can just see the good times radiating off us. lol

My bestie Kevin came back from Europe on Friday. So we had a BBQ at a friends and then went out dancing. It was a glorious time. We danced all night long. I'm not even going to tell you what time I got home. Thankfully I had not planned for anything other than the beach on Sunday. I couldn't get out of bed till after 1pm!! Jeez.

Stevia is a herb that has sweet leaves.  Its used as a sweetener or sugar substitute. It has little to no calories or carbs and is very low on the glycemic index. If you put sugar in your coffee you should try it. Its pretty much no calorie and its not a "fake" sugar like aspartame and those other fake sugars. Which are just awful for you. White sugar is like crack. And I am an addict. Not as bad as most. But once it hits my lips......oh so goooooood.  

I did make some cookies. But I don't really like them. They are no bake chocolate peanut butter oat cookies. I don't use/have refined sugar in my kitchen so I'm playing around with what I should use. I used Stevia this time but its not right. I'm going to try agave nectar or maple syrup next time. My office is my Guinea pigs. They liked em but I think there's more work to be done. I will post the recipe later.

Luckily I still had some leftovers from last week and tons of salad ingredients. So I made this delish little salad to go next to some pasta.
I used miso dressing and sriracha hot sauce. Put way too much hot sauce! Man that was spicy, I had to take a break. Lol

For breaky I had cantaloupe and berries. So tasty!

I used to chop up the cantaloupe but I'm getting lazy. Plus I figure since I'm eating the whole half of it anyways, its just wasting time.

I'm sure I'll cook something up tonight and have a recipe to share.

Hope everyone had as fun a weekend as I did!




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