Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vegan Pizza House

Last night I met up with some new vegan friends. A while back I came across a Fcebook page for a vegan magazine called T.O.F.U . Which by the way, awesomely stands for  Totally and Obviously Fucked Up. LOL Isn't that amazing? I've only read one copy, an old one from when they first started. I can't wait to download the others. Great info, and super funny. PLUS recipes!

Anyways, they posted that they needed some people to come model some tshirts they had. Totally amateur, no professional photographers or models needed. I responded, because I thought it'd be fun to meet some fellow vegans and help them out. We met at the Vegan Pizza House on Kingsway. Which was also a bonus. I LOVE that place. We ate some pizza, the cook special, chatted and took some shots of 3 of us in these tshirts.

I don't have the pics of us in the tshirts yet, maybe later today or tomorrow BUT I have a pic of the delish pizza we had.
Looks good right? It had mushrooms, chicken, and extra cheese. One side had olives. I don't eat olives. Blech.

It sure was nice to eat something that wasn't Mexican. I've been on quite the Mexican food train. Had it 6 days in a row. Kevin is cooking me dinner tonight, it better not be Mexican.

When I get home tonight I'm going to make noodles. I was given some green bean flour that you mix with water and it makes noodles. So I'm gonna make them tonight so I can eat them the rest of the week. Asian food all the way. Move aside Mexico. Lol

ALSO going to make Banh Mi. Which is a Vietnamese sub. It's going to be made with lemongrass tofu. I'm pretty stoked. I've never had one, and I hear that they're amazing. Getting a vegan one is tough because there's mayo in it. So I picked up some Veganaise last week. Its not health food, but I can't be good all the time. Sometimes I just wanna be bad. Lol Good girl gone bad. ;)

I don't know if I've mentioned this, but I got a new bed on the weekend. Its pretty phe-nom. I stayed in on Saturday watching movies in bed. Glorious. Its much higher than my old one, so now when I watch TV I don't have to sit up. I can pretty much lay flat. Lol. Its about my waist height or higher.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll have a recipe tomorrow. For the noodles most likely. I'll be making some sort of veggie stirfry with them for my lunch.

PS: Have you seen Bridesmaids? Omg  SUCH a funny movie!!! I watched it on Friday night, then again on Monday night with a friend. Its amazing. A must see.

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  3. I'm welling to sell my cell phone just to taste a one of a kinda pizza that I never tasted before. Ya know!. I just loved pizza.....