Thursday, September 1, 2011

Getting Vegucated

I'm sorry, but I don't have any food porn for you today. I went for Indian food last night with some friends and I didn't have a chance to snap any pictures. I was TOO hungry! It sure was good though.

I thought I'd mention some supplements that I take. I'm a big fan of VEGA products. I use the Whole Food Health Optimizer , Vega Sport Performance Optimizer and VEGA Antioxidant EFA Oil Blend .

The Whole food health optimizer is great for breakfast. One serving gives you pretty much everything you'll need for the day. Its awesome. The quality of the product is amazing. Its 70% organic and uses WHOLE FOODS. Its allergen free (soy, wheat, gluten, nuts, dairy, etc). The whole foods and allergen free part is what got me. I think we are bogged down with too much corn, soy and wheat.

Cutting out or back on processed foods will in turn cut back on your consumption. It will do you good. Whole foods is the way to go. Read the The Omnivore's Dilemma . I just started reading it. Its fascinating. Its not just for Vegans/Vegetarians. It teaches you where your food is coming from. Meat included. DO IT.

The VEGA sport optimizer is EXCELLENT for a preworkout drink. Really energizes you and your muscles so you can have a killer workout. Whenever I take it I feel amazing and have this crazy mental clarity. I work out so HARD. The sugars are all from whole food sources so they will not spike your blood sugar like refined sugar.

VEGA antioxidant EFA oil blend is a delish addition to any salad dressing. You should NOT cook with it. It can be warm but shouldn't be put in a pan and fried. Its pure, unrefined organic oils. Its pretty much got it all: pumpkin seed, hemp seed, flax seed, coconut, blueberry seed, pomegranate seed and a lot of other seeds oils. I don't consume much oil/fat at all, just because of my diet. But I try to include avocado every day and/or this EFA oil. I usually cook without using added oils by steaming, baking and frying with water.

Now for the big guy. Chlorella. My new best friend. This stuff is magic. Chlorella is a green algae that is a power house of nutrition. Its got protein, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, enzymes, fiber, vitamins and its own growth factor (Chlorella Growth Factor). It has a high level of nucleic acids. This is essential for cellular growth and cell regeneration. (Think anti-aging and lactic acid build up from workouts). Chlorophyll is helps you process more oxygen, detoxifies the blood, cleans out toxins and promotes growth and cell repair. If you work out a lot or are training for something, GET SOME!

I did a 21km hike/run up a mountain that has a 2200m elevation gain that took about 3 hours and was only sore for 1 day. Say wha? Yes, you read that right, 1 day!

More facts about Chlorella:
- 10 million regular users in Japan! (my people are smrt)
- 3 times more protein than chicken
- easily digestible
- Prevents hang overs! (yes, I saved that goody for last)

My people. Since it flushes out toxins and cleans your body basically, if you take it before you go to bed, NO HANG OVER! I'm sure some hang overs will sneak by it, but I haven't had one since I started taking it.

Get ChlorEssence by Sequal Naturals. Its the best quality and is Canadian! There's a fact sheet on their site for more information.

Here's some eye candy for your hungry eyes:
I saw Crazy Stupid Love a month ago. Super funny. And he takes his shirt off a few times. YUM. This part was one of my faves, Emma Stone says "Its like you're photoshopped!" haha.

Shout out: Chocolate. I'm pretty sure it can make your eye sight better. There's too many words to describe my love for chocolate.

My jams: Britney Spears - Selfish, I wanna go, He about to lose me, Kylie Minogue - Get outta my way and Robyn - Dancing on my own and Don't fucking tell me what to do.

Hope you enjoyed that Vegucation. Lol It was rather wordy, but I just have so much to say. ha

Tonight I'm being cooked for! Can't wait!




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