Monday, April 16, 2012

Upper body workout

I thought it best to give my feet another days rest. They aren't hurting anymore but that could just be because I'm not pounding the pavement. Damn you Nike Free Run 2's! Its been such a great weekend in Vancouver for weather and I only got to run on Friday. Oh well, weights it is. A break is probs not a bad thing.

I could never just take the time off completely, so I ventured over to the gym today to get in a good upper body workout. Especially since I destroyed my lower body the day before. :)

400 jumping jacks
30 burpees
30 seconds, mountain climbers

3 sets 12.5lbs, shoulder press 12 reps
3 sets 12.25lbs, bicep curls 10 reps
3 sets 15lbs bent over rows 12 reps
3 sets 15lbs bent over shoulder rear raises 10 reps
3 sets 15lbs chest press 10 reps
3 sets 12.5lbs chest fly 10 reps
3 sets bench dips 12 reps
3 sets push ups 10 reps

Then I did a quick ab routine. I don't know what any of them are called. But I like to get in quite a number of them every other workout. I don't do them every day. Its good to give them a rest. The best abs are built in the kitchen anyways. ;)

Oh I also did the plank for 1 minute.




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