Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Restaurant Review: Panz Veggie

I'm alive!!!

Sorry I've been MIA lately but my birthday took me off the grid for a bit. I'm finally feeling like a normal person, ready to rejoin the world again. LOL My birthday was SO awesome!! I had a little party in my tiny bachelor apartment and then went off to the Waldorf to tear up that dance floor. I can't believe I was able to fit so many people in my place. I  think there was like 20ish. :) My friends are so great; made me feel so special. It was also really cool to have all 3 of my best friends in the same place at the same time.  Here's a little peak:

Kevin and I

Natasha, Dave and I

Leanne, Natasha and I plus some photo bombers. LOL
So fun! The only crappy part was that someone swiped my purse along the way and stole my phone. My new iphone. Sigh. I got my purse back with everything in it, money, ID, credit cards, everything except my phone. Pretty devastating.

The next day I had a slight hangover. :( but had to get my act together fora fam dinner. My dad and I REALLY love Panz Veggie. You can check out an old reviews here.

Won tons

String Beans
Unfortunately the other photo's didn't work for some reason. I took the pics with my dad's phone and emailed them to myself because I forgot my camera. I didn't know that some didn't work until now. So I'm sorry I don't have more pics. VERY sorry because the main dishes were phe-nom!!! The other dishes we had were the coconut greens (so yum) and the braised tofu sheets that came with veggies and chinese mushrooms. Those 2 dishes might be my fave, so I'm pretty sorry I don't have those pics! Grrrr. And now I'm hungry just thinking about it. Lol

Ok well its time to go get back on the grid and get my old blackberry hooked up again. Sigh. I'm grounded now. I'm grounding myself. Lol. But that'll mean lots of time to cook!

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