Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Restaurant Review: Indigo Cafe

I bought a social shopper coupon for Indigo Cafe almost 6 months ago and just realized last weekend that its about to expire so after my secret vegan brunch I headed over to use it up. I've never been to Indigo Cafe before but have been dying to try it. It is basically a raw vegan cafe but it does have a couple of cooked dishes. It also states that it doesn't have wheat but at least one dish does. But everything is clearly labelled so don't fret if you are celiac or a raw vegan.

I took everything to go because I had just eaten brunch, so I just ate this for dinner. YUM!!!

Mermaid Salad: Kelp Noodle Salad

This salad was surprisingly tasty! I have only tried kelp noodles once but I think I got an old pack or something. But they were kinda hard. Anyways, these were not. I am a big fan of eating sea veggies and this has kelp and dulce seadweed. Along with an abundance of veggies like carrots, bok choy, shiitake, etc etc etc. YUMTASTIC!!!

Stuffed Portobello Burger
Oh Man. this was my fave fo sho. Not really a burger, but I guess you could wrap it up in the lettuce but I ate my like the sophisticated lady that I am, with a knife and fork. LOL There was corn, avocado, tomato and asparagus. The sauce was amazing. I can't even tell you how delicious it was. It was maybe coconut milk and soy sauce with some pure, awesome love. I have no idea what was in it, well lots of garlic, but WOW. I need it. I wonder if they sell it? I should look into that. Anyways, this sauce was also drizzled on the Collard Roll Ups.

Collard Roll Ups
Sorry but one came undone in its travels to my fridge. I tried to put it back together but was unsucessful as you can see by the smudges and fingerprints. Lol These were very tasty. The sauce was amazing. The wrap is a collard green, and they are filled with enoki mushrooms, pea shoots, and red pepper. It had the same asparagus that the portobello had. So yummy! I'm not sure what they did to the aspargus but it was tasty! Not quite pickled but it wasn't just plain. Something special was happening there. ;)

I can definitely say that my experience with Indigo Cafe's food was a GREAT one. I really liked the food a lot. It was light, refreshing, tasty and filling. I felt nourished and satisfied. At the beginning of a meal when I have only raw food I always think I will be hungry after but I never am. Its always a nice surprise.

So check them out! Its a quaint little cafe that also holds raw foods courses which I'd love to take sometime. The raw foods diet has always fascinated me. I'd like to incorporate it more in my life. Which I have been but I'd like to learn more than just salads and smoothies. Although mine are pretty kick ass. :)

PS they also have high tea and a chocolate fondue. UM YES PLEASE. I must go back!!!!!! :)

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