Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Restaurant Review: The Wallflower Modern Diner

This weekend was Easter weekend and while most people were having lovely family dinners my family decided against it. Lol We always have an Easter dinner on my Dad's side but for some reason they just didn't want to. But I fixed that. It's a holiday and you should be with your family. So we decided to out for a late lunch/early dinner.

I have been to The Wallflower many times now but only for breakfast. I have been very curious about the lunch/dinner menu. I've heard that the mac and cheese is really good. Alas, I did not have it. I went for the Meatless Loaf. I love the Wallflower because it has options for everyone. It has a vegan menu, regular menu and even a gluten free one. They are smart. They have all their bases covered. :)

Lightning Fries
 These were awesome! The Thunder fries are the same just a larger portion. But basically this is vegan chili fries. DELISH! We all shared this as our appy.

Meatless Loaf
And the meatless loaf. Its a bean and veggie loaf with a side of veggies and mash potatoes with mushroom gravy. This was a nice dinner. I liked the loaf a lot. Very hearty and I liked how it was so firm. I have yet to master that for my loafs and patties. I wonder how they do it? The mushroom gravy was light. But it could have been more flavourful. Wasn't bad by any means and the low sodium content in this dish is awesome. But it could have had a bit more flavour and then I would have raved. Delish nonetheless. :)

My Dad had the blackened halibut and my Grannie had the Chicken Parmesan. Both said they enjoyed it a lot. And the serving size was perfect. Everyone cleaned their plate except for me! SO unusual but I just can't eat that much mashed potatoes. My Grannie usually complains about the serving size but this time it worked out.

FOR THE WIN, we got the vegan creme brulee! Omg, when I was a non-vegan, creme brulee was always my FAVE dessert. Its been almost 2 years now since I've had one. Was it ever satisfying. VERY good! If you didn't know it was vegan, you wouldn't have been able to tell.

Vegan Creme Brulee
 So if you have some gluten free or vegan friends or are just curious then check out the Wallflower on Main St. Either way, vegan, gluten free or omnivore you're gonna get what you want and enjoy it.

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