Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Restaurant Review: Vancouver Vegan Brunch

Vegan brunch is semi-hard to find in Vancouver. There are a few joints but they are few and far between and all rocking busy. I've been to most of them now but none are as unique and awesome as Vancouver Vegan Brunch. Its a secret supper type brunch that does not advertise its location until you've reserved and its menu is different every time. The bunch over at Vegan Mischief take their inspiration from the seasons and holidays that occur at the time of the brunch.

I was lucky enough to dine there as my AWESOME friend Lauren took me for my birthday. She even made it a big surprise and wouldn't tell me where we were going or anything. I had no idea what we were doing until we were in front of the door. Total surprise. Totally awesome! :)

There were 2 options for brunch so we got one of each so we could try both, obviously. We also got both desserts......Lauren got some to go...e-hem. ;) Here's what we got!:

I got the Benny. It was on a scone with pumpkin, eggplant, portobello 'sausage' pattie, tofu, asparagus, tomato, hashbrowns and salad. There was more to it, some delish sauce but I can't remember it all. That red side sauce is HOMEMADE HOT SAUCE!!! Say Whaaa!?? Homemade effin hot sauce. Seriously impressed. It was really good!

Gluten free spinach pancakes
Lauren got the gluten free, savoury spinach pancakes with a coconut sauce and a salad. I thought this was very nice. Savoury pancakes are so nontraditional and creative. I like how its not the norm and they thought outside the box. The coconut sauce was light and refreshing but still was sweet. And

Apple pie
Yup, I know. Me eat pie for brunch? Or ever. But its true, even I indulge sometimes. Look at that! Its so beautiful. The apple pie had no crust other than on top. It was stuffed with raisins, there was homemade oatmeal and sliced apple crisps. And that delish sauce. Omg. I can't even describe it all. All the flavours were just powerful but not overwhelming. You could taste all the love and effort that went into to preparing this plate. And the presentation is just perfect. The presentation of all the dishes was perfect and demonstrates that vegan food can be 'fancy'.

On the menu there was also chocolate dipped macaroons, so obviously we had to try those. We got 4, 2 for Lauren for later. They didn't look like your normal macaroon and they didn't taste like it either. they were SO good! They were delish! You could tell that the quality of coconut that they used was pretty good. I am not typically a fan of macaroons, the only other ones I like are from Organic Lives. But these really impressed me. :)

Chocolate dipped macaroons
Mmmmmmm. I wish I had one right now. Its like after midnight, but man would that be good! Grrr.

If you want more info on Vancouver Vegan Brunch, check out their site here.  Their website is pretty awesome too with tons of great recipes. Take a look around. :) But don't hesitate, this food is fantastic! Go make a reservation and find out for yourself. These awesome ladies will knock your socks off.