Saturday, April 28, 2012

Restaurant Review: Paradise Noodle House

I was lucky enough to be able to go back to Paradise Noodle House. Its way far out in Burnaby, but not like Metrotown, its pretty much in New West. lol And I don't drive, so its def not a place I get to go to very often. Its only my second time eating there and it was just as good as the first. It did not disappoint.

This time I went with my friend Leanne. She lives out in Port Moody so I thought this would be a great spot so she wouldn't have to drive in to Vancouver. Paradise Noodle is a vegan Vietnamese restaurant that has been open since 2003.

Vietnamese style hot and sour soutp
My friend Jimmy and I had this last time I went and I just had to have it again. It is SO yummy! I love how different it is from regular hot and soup soup. The flavour just explodes in your mouth (lol) and takes you on a wild ride. Its spicy, which I love and a little sweet from the pineapple and bac ha. Still have no idea what bac ha is, some Vietnamese fruit. She didn't know the English name and my Vietnamese friends had no idea. I've looked them up and they are basically a long green tube like thing that is related to the taro root I think. Anyways, its good.

Cute. :)

Stir fried vegetable chowmein
I very much enjoyed this dish. I haven't had noodles in a really long time. Or wheat for that matter. I love that there was lots of broccoli (my fave) and tofu. The sauce was light but delish. Nothing over powered the others, all went well together. A simple dish, but very yummy.

Broccoli with veggie chicken in black bean sauce
This was my fave of the evening. SO good! I LOVE black bean sauce. There was so much broccoli!!! Woot woot. lol Yes, that excites me. Food def does. Both Leanne and I loved this one the most. The sauce was saucy and delicious. The veggie chicken was good too. I love the fake meat they use at Paradise Noodle.

We ate EVERYTHING. Left no bite behind. :)

If you haven't checked them out, you should! There isn't much atmosphere so I wouldn't take a date but the food is simply amazing. And the owner is super sweet and cute. She is very passionate about being vegan.

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