Thursday, April 19, 2012

Restaurant Review: The Reef

The Reef is an awesome Caribbean restaurant which has 2 locations, Main Street and Commercial Drive. I have only been to the Main Street location so far, but I'm sure they are equally delicious. Its been quite a long time since I've been there so when Ethical Deal's deal of the day was The Reef I snatched it up! I almost forgot about it too and thought it might be expired but phew! Paid 10 bucks and got 20 worth of awesomeness. :)

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Kevin and I started out with the Chana Salad. Super yummy curried chickpea salad with mixed greens and roti. SO yummy! The sauce was super thick and flavourful.

Mmmmmm!!! And such a steal too at only $8! I could eat that just as my meal. :)

We actually both got the West Indian Curries. I got the Ital (vegan) one and Kevin got the chicken one. I really liked this mild curry. A light flavour with potatoes and chickpeas. Along with a surprisingly good coleslaw, rice and some side sauces. They were mango chutney and a yogurt something or other. I stopped listening when he said yogurt. LOL

West Indian Curry: Ital(vegan)
The portions were pretty big. We were FULL. I didn't even finish my meal! GASP. Very unlike me. lol But potatoes and rice is too much starch for me. I had to leave some behind. :( The coleslaw was quite good. I'm usually not a fan of coleslaw cuz its usually creamy and mayonniasy. Even before I was vegan I was not a fan of mayo. But this coleslaw was not like that at all. It had a great flavour. Light and maybe some apple cidar vinegar I think.....Super good though. Cabbage is a veggie that I should eat more of fo sho.

They also gave us this amazing hot sauce. Its called Matouk"d Sauce Calypso Calypso Sauce. It was super spicy! I freaking loved it! As you are aware me and hot sauce are life partners. I LOVE hot sauce. And I've never had one like this. It was made with pickled scotch bonnet peppers. I mean, what the heck are those? Lol I'm gonna have to look into those. Not that I'm a conniseur of peppers or anything. I'm sure there's like a bagillion types but I never heard of those.

PS The Reef sells the hot sauce. But they only had the jumbo bottle. I'm just not ready to invest that kind of commited so early on in our relationship. I need to take it slow. There are others I have to think about. ;)

Oh and, I had the jerk tofu the last time I was there and its PHE-NOM!

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