Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tough Mudder in Whistler!!!

SOOooooo as you may or may not remember, I did Tough Mudder in Whistler this past weekend. I was pretty freaking nervous about it. The videos are crazy intense, the strength they say you need is way more than I have so I had some pre-race nerves. But I have to say it was AWESOME!!!  I kicked some serious ass. I rocked it! It was 12 miles or 19 km's for us Canadian folk. In Whistler so lots of hills but nothing too crazy other than having to hike up one of the runs that was straight up, no big deal.

We had to jump in an ice bath, crawl in mud under barb wire, crawl in water under live wires, jump in a frozen lake, run LOTS, hike up a ski run, hike down a MUDDY trail (and I mean up to your waist in some spots), monkey bars, run through lots of live wires, walk through manure mud, rope climbing in the arctic snow, carried a log up a steep hill and down, run and jump up a quarter pipe (mind you it was into the arms of a hunky man) and climbed over 12 foot walls. There was 20 obstacles over the 19km's.

I've never been such a baddass chick and also scream like a girl at the same time before. LOL Like I said I kicked ass, I was first to complete lots of obstacles in my group, but at the same time I would scream and gasp at all the mud and poo mud and all the times I almost wiped out. haha. 

I finished it with half my body covered in bruises, no joke. HUGE bruises. Looks like I've been beaten. I also have a cracked rib but I'd do it again in a heartbeat. In fact, I've pre-registered for next year. Check out some of the pics and food I ate. I only ate veggie burgers and protein bars the whole weekend. Plus my vega shakes and lots and lots of beer and vodka. After the race though. :)

Part of team Briefed pre-race

My race buddy Sonya

My other race buddy Steve
After the monkey bars
Black Bean burger w/ jalapeno's from Mixs Grill
Mix Grill is above Ric's. Good burger. But nothing special. I had to add ketchup. There was no sauce. I asked for no mayo or cheese. They didn't even add ketchup of mustard. Weird.

Veggie Burger from Amsterdam cafe
 Same thing, good burger, but nothing special. No sauce. Had to add mustard and ketchup. But at least they gave me mustard without asking.

Falafel burger from Ingrids Cafe
By far the best veggie burger in Whistler. The pattie itself is full of falafel flavour. Comes with lettuce, sprouts, avocado, onion, peppers, carrots and tzatziki sauce but obvs I didn't have that.

Just a side note, NO BURGER WILL COMPARE TO THE LOVING HUT EXPRESS food truck. NONE. They have ruined me for all other veggie burgers. The bar is set high. Good luck Terra V Burgers.

SO all in all, there are some good options. I went all out this weekend cuz I did tough mudder. LOL so I ate a lot more burgers than normal. PLUS I was with a lot of guys and didn't want to seem to picky by having to eat at specific places. So I just said we had to eat where I could get a veggie burger. AND the day before meal had to be carborific and protein rich and so did the post race meal. So veggie burgers were the easiest option.




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