Monday, June 18, 2012

Restaurant Review: The Eatery

On Saturday I was FINALLY taken to The Eatery on West Broadway. It is a funky outlandish kind of Japanese restaurant that is totally vegan/vegetarian friendly. The online menu is in NO way close to what they actually serve. There is SO much more in the restaurant. It was actually overwhelming. lol They had this whole huge page of veggie rolls. Unfort I can't remember them all but they were SOOOOO creative. Like the popeye, which was a roll with spinach and a peanut sauce drizzled on top. And a roll that had sundried tomatoes and then deep fried avocado on top. OMG that one was Derish!!!!

What we did, which was smart, was ordered a platter. Again, soooo sorry, but I can't remember what the platter was called. But I think it had about 5 or 6 rolls plus 2 tamago and 2 inari. I didn't eat the tamago obvs. And we also got a wakame salad, but I forgot. Too distracted clearly. ;)

The 2 in the middle, the yellow ones are done with a soy bean wrap instead of seaweed. I think we had one called the Moby and it had sauteed mushrooms on top in a sweet soy dressing with asparagus inside. YUMMMMMMMMM! They actually had 2 or 3 mushroom rolls. Big smiles over here!

The rolls all had cool names like the John Lennon, the Moby, Popeye....etc. I think there were other veggie dishes too but I was so impressed by the veggie sushi menu I just cudn't even look. I'm DEFINITELY going back. Repeatedly. Its a majah reason to leave the island. lol 

SO make sure you go check this place out! Its freaking phe-nom and has a cool vibe. There's brightly coloured octopus arms everywhere and a whole fishy/fisherman feel to it. Not your typical sushi joint. The only complaint I have is that we ordered it with brown rice but they forgot. But that said, they gave us a little discount as a sorry. No biggy. It happens. I like white rice too. 

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  1. Am going there this weekend. Thanks so much! You ROCK Girl!!!


    1. I hope you enjoyed it!! Especially after your run. xo