Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Restaurant Review: GRUB

Sunday was Father's Day and I took my awesome Dad to GRUB on Main Street. I have wanted to check this place out for a while, but because of its location (off the island) I have yet to. PS I call downtown Vancouver the island. Ha. Anyhoo, I thought Father's Day would be the perfect time. 

This place is so cool. Its not a vegan or vegetarian restaurant, but a place that has a small fixed menu but its pride and joy is the fresh sheet. The fresh sheet changes daily and is whatever they have fresh/ seasonal and whatever peaks their fancy. Its such a creative way to run a kitchen and I truly admire them for it. I imagine it could get pretty boring making the same thing over and over again. This keeps your skills honed, your creative juices flowing, and your customers coming back. 

The cool part of this restaurant is that they also have a vegan option every day as part of the fresh sheet!!! lol And the daily dessert is also vegan! BOOM. We decided on the 3 course option. You got to choose an appy which was the soup or a antipasto platter, a fresh sheet dish and a dessert. The meat option was $32 and the vegan option was $28. Super good deal and you know how I like to eat, so trying 3 dishes versus 1 is the best possible situation. LOL

Lentil Soup
We both had the lentil soup to start because it sounded so good. It was a lentil chili lime with a yogurt topping, but vegan is not done with the yogurt obvs. It was pretty tasty and the soaked bread was...well perfection. 

Next up is my main fresh sheet dish:

Vegan Fresh Sheet Dish
The vegan option was a mushroom and chickpea kofka baked in spiced roasted vegetable ragout with vegan cheese, sweet potato, yam and beet hash and fennel with smokey red pepper coulis. Like WOAH. Honestly, vegan or not, wouldn't you eat the ish outta that?! My Dad kinda wished he wanted it. It was some serious yumminess. I could barely talk during this meal. And if you know me.....I talk a lot. lol

Now vegans/vegetarians, look away. I took a shot of my Dad's food because well it looked pretty phenomenal. Not that I wanted to eat it but the foodie in me knew it was good. I actually was part of the convincing of getting the lamb. It just sounded awesome.

Lamb Fresh Sheet Dish
The lamb dish was roasted half rack of lamb with roasted yam pudding, butternut squash, coconut and red pepper ragout with a minted goat cheese drizzle. Derish, right? If it wasn't for the meat, I'd eat the ish outta that too. The yam pudding part looking amazing. And I love butternut squash. :) So creative too by adding the mint in a goat cheese drizzle. Mint is often served with lamb and this seemed like a creative, modern way to do so.

Next and most importantly, the vegan dessert. This I actually couldn't talk at all. My Dad was talking, lol but I couldn't hear a word. I did a lot of Mmmm's and oh yahh's. lol

Vegan fresh sheet dessert
The vegan dessert was a rum spiced cake layered with a chocolate ganache and drizzled with a coconut caramel sauce. The ganache was really something special. I was having a LOVE affair with this cake. I can't even begin to describe how amazing this cake was. All I got is WOW.

So obviously you can tell that I REALLY loved this place. Its hard to find a place that is a fancier vegan meal versus the typical casual food. I love casual dining. Its usually the best. But its nice to know their are some good date spots out there. Especially ones where your date can eat too. Vegans, vegetarians, pescetarians and meat eaters can all eat there. For reals. They actually have items listed for all these types of diets. I'm VERY impressed. SO go now! Run!

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