Monday, June 4, 2012

Brown rice veggie sushi

I just had to have homemade sushi the other night. I will def go out and pick up sushi when I'm too lazy, but I like to make my own. I'm no sushi expert, even though I am Japanese, but I'm no slouch either. I like to put non-traditional food in my sushi though. Sometimes I use fried rice, quinoa, guacamole, leftover stir fry. Just whatever I've got laying around. I did have some avocado but I also had some guac leftover that I didn't want to waste so I used that instead of just plain avocado and it was yummy! Made it spicy and stick together better. It can be tougher with brown rice cuz its drier than sushi rice. I think next time I will put a little bit more water when I cook it.....

And so it begins! I went with just the guac, carrots and cucumber in my roll. Cuz I had other parts of my meal being prepared at the same time. Mix in a little sushi vinegar with the rice before putting it on ur seaweed. DO NOT USE OTHER VINEGAR. If you don't have mirin, then just use nothing. Sushi vinegar is special. lol You can use more rice if you want, but I don't like it like that. :)

Load up ur fixins'. I put guac, cucumber, carrots and sriracha. 

Roll that sucker nice and tight. Use a little water to seal it shut. make sure its not loose. Oh and a tip for your rolling mat, cover it with saran wrap so that if any rice escapes its nice and easy to clean! Seriously, everyone does this. My Baba taught me that trick. :)

This is the part I'm the WORST at. But this time not so bad. Use a serrated knife and cut it however you like it. Mine into six. I make my own wasabi, from a powder. Mixed it with some water and then soy sauce, gluten free tamari. I used very little soy, trying to eat as little salt as possible. But I can't cut soy sauce out all together. Its pretty much in my blood. Yup, soy sauce blood. :) Its the Asian in me. ;)

I also steamed some broccoli, spinach and bok choy and topped it with garlic mushrooms and hemp seeds. The mushrooms were sauteed with water, garlic powder and a sprinkle of sea salt. YUM! Seriously my addiction right now. I eat them almost daily. As a snack. What a freak! LOL

If you've never tried making sushi, give it a go! Its not that hard and you can be way more creative when you make it yourself. And healthier. Some times I don't even cut them and just eat them whole. Or make cones. 

Hope you all had a great weekend!!!




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